Do you still think “It’s just a mask”?


22 July, 2020 by Caroline Stephens

The Mask – Guidelines – Statutes – Coercion

If any living man or woman elevates the acts, statutes, rules or policy of a dead entity government or any lifeless body corporate to the status of the living (ie by acquiescing to the command of a dead entity they have breathed life into it by the free giving of their own energy and deeds) then they are living in a den of iniquity. They have unwittingly, in ignorance, for an easy life or for money/reward, elevated something dead to the status of a living, superior being; by doing this they are sinners.

Only the Father, the Creator of all things, can raise the dead to life; we mere mortals cannot do that. People who follow the rules of the dead are bowing down, submitting and yielding to a false god which is forbidden; they have usurped the position of the Father.

The government and its agents are rulers of the underworld only, in other words, the DEAD! We have been tricked into the false dead world but no contract, without full disclosure, is valid or binding. Those that want to be free can be free, to return to the land of the living only, but will have to denounce and reject the state in every sense and remove its role (loco parentis) as nanny/parent and return /to the Father of life. Legal statutes are not binding on the living created by the Father but only upon the dead legal fiction created by another dead fiction known as Registrar/Crown….

As for Hand cock’s diatribe on the website with the heading ‘Guidance’ it is all about confidence for staff and shoppers. Craftily it does not mention prevention of disease and conflates the reduction in deaths with the change in people’s behaviour. Deception & trickery hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see.

The Thin end of the Wedge

25 July, 2020 Caroline Stephens

“It’s just a mask” will turn into “It’s just a vaccine. In less than 5 months, our government has successfully divided the country into two groups. This time it’s not about Leave or Remain but whether you are an “obedient mask wearer” or a “selfish person who refuses to wear a mask.”

In less than 5 months, our government has dictated which events are acceptable, ones we are allowed to attend and those that are not allowed. Violent riots are acceptable and encouraged, while family gatherings, faith events and celebrations are not allowed.

In less than 5 months, our government has succeeded in closing family-owned businesses while enriching large corporations it has vested interests in.

In less than 5 months, our government persuaded the people to believe that a cashless society is a good thing, all in the name of hygiene but what’s the difference between a polymer note and a credit card?

In less than 5 months, our government closed down schools for the majority leaving them open for the minority, the key workers’ children, together with permanently “restructuring” education moving forward—all under the guise of “public safety.”

In less than 5 months, our government has demonstrated how easily fearful people assimilate to lifestyle restrictions that have NO scientific premise. Our government has instilled fear as the ruling principle in the majority of the population in the UK. But the citizens are not afraid of the people in power, who are responsible for the removal of their freedoms and livelihoods. Instead, they are fearful of their neighbours, family, human contact, even the air they breathe. Our government manufactured hysteria all in the name of Project Fear.

In less than 5 months, our government has greatly increased the enslavement of people with them living in an oppressive system. People who are wearing masks “for the greater good”, will be the first to sign up for the new vaccine which will have questionable safety tests seemingly in the hands of just one man. What’s more disturbing, is this vaccine will be used by the UK government as the standard deciding factor in our lives moving forward or perhaps we are moving backward considering the lack of dental and general healthcare treatment that is now available to us? A postcode lottery and all for the greater good? Do you still think “It’s just a mask”? Wait until you are told that you cannot enter a store without proof of having the Covid-19 vaccine. Wait until you cannot go out into public places, travel, shop, or go to a doctor, without proof you are not a “risk” to others. Think of the innumerable personal lockdowns you will face in the future due to sharing a public space fleetingly with some who later turns out to have a ‘positive outcome or result’. Will your employer keep paying your wages? Will your employer continue to exist?

About the author

Caroline Stephens left school and joined the financial services industry leaving after 13 years as a senior manager answerable to the Board of a High Street Bank before embarking on a mathematics teaching career in her early 30s. She has taught maths to students aged 4 to 84 and helped champion the importance of financial education.

In her subsequent role as the ‘Wiltshire Financial Education Campaigner’, she worked alongside civil servants, MPs and actuaries to ensure that school students and teachers alike understood the importance of saving and avoiding indebtedness.

She received recognition in a financial education parliamentary debate after an e-petition in which she actively promoted reached over 100,000 signatures and details of her activism /financial teaching work can be found in Hansard.  At that time her work with members of The Actuarial Consumer Information Working Party as their Education Spokesman (and only non actuary) provided her with opportunities to speak to senior members within the largest institutions in the City of London.

After attending a local public meeting on the implications of the UK’s membership of the EU, having experienced first hand on connecting with MPs, she joined a political party and immediately sought to represent it at the local council elections.  She was selected to represent the party at the General Election of June 2015 and shortly afterwards, was appointed as the Campaign Manager for LeaveEU in August, being one of the organisations that promoted a Leave vote.

She travelled the UK promoting merchandise, attending Party Conferences, sharing platforms with MPs and training the activists on education and the promotion of street stall activity when she moved across to become the National Activist Support Manager for Vote Leave, again sharing platforms to debate with MPs and supporting the activists around the UK with their work.

In late spring 2019 she established her own YouTube channel where she is building on her interviews from previous platforms together with producing ‘monologues’ about important issues which face people worldwide ranging from topics such as homelessness to political matters regarding Agenda 2030 and the New World Order.