C for cash – VOID OF TRUTH invasion of your private space by plundering politicians.


They’re already mandatory on public transport, soon people will be forced to wear them in shops but it seems the Government is preparing to go even further.

Masks could soon be recommended in all public places, including offices and workplaces.

Officials have begun private talks with employers and are considering recommending them as fears turn to a second wave of coronavirus in the autumn.

This morning Matt Hancock insisted the Government will not force workers to wear face coverings in offices.

“If you’re in a space with the same people repeatedly and for long periods of time, whether an office or a classroom, then the mask doesn’t actually protect you,” he said.

But other countries have made masks mandatory in public spaces. Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has announced that they will soon become compulsory in all indoor public places in France.

And Spain’s autonomous region of Catalonia has made face masks mandatory in public after a surge in new cases of Covid-19.

The move to make coverings mandatory in shops was confirmed by Mr Hancock yesterday and will officially come into force on July 24.

But as the Health Secretary made the announcement in the Commons yesterday, a backlash against the move began from inside his own party.

Sir Desmond Swayne led the revolt, saying masks were a “monstrous imposition” on shoppers.

The culture war swept across social media too, with Conservative members seemingly cutting up their membership cards in protest.

Given the uproar, it’s perhaps all the more worrying for the Government that police chiefs have raised concerns about how the wearing of mandatory masks will be enforced.

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “It will be nigh-on impossible for enforcement because you won’t have a police officer on every shop door because there aren’t enough of us.”

– Capital gains –

After spending an eye-watering £188 billion on tackling coronavirus, Rishi Sunak was always going to have to claw back the money somehow.

Now, it seems that he could have capital gains tax (CGT) in his sights.

The Chancellor has asked the Office of Tax Simplification to consider how exemptions from the levy could be reformed or scrapped, prompting fears of a raid on the wealthy to help pay for the cost of coronavirus.

Such reforms could include reducing tax relief on rental income from a taxpayer’s former home, or altering tax rates on the sale of shares.

Experts said that the Chancellor could be considering raising its historically low rates in line with income tax, which could bring in £90 billion over five years.

CGT brings in around £9 billion a year for the Exchequer, a little more than one per cent of all tax receipts, and is paid by individuals on the profits made from the sale of assets.

A Treasury source insisted there is “absolutely no expectation” the review will result in a policy change.


TAP –  I find the most effective way of dealing with being challenged on the street/public areas is to remain totally silent and keep your head down. If someone challenges you based on their understanding of what is going on, or they try to challenge with an order, a threat or an accusation, then you remaining totally silent in response is not what they are expecting or wanting. Their whole approach requires you to take part by answering them.

If you are totally silent, they have no idea if you are an imbecile, a person of low IQ or simply someone who hasn’t heard of this Total Crap – VOID OF TRUTH government invasion of your private space. By you not starting a conversation, they can’t go through their enforcement procedures, and they are left high and dry. Only if they arrest you obviously are things likely to develop, but how many people can they arrest who walk peaceably past in silence. Next up is don’t carry a mobile phone as that can be removed from you and used to identify who you are, as well as become part of a Track and Trace operation. If possible carry only cash and no other ID, or have a sealed container which emits no data.

If you are arrested for, say not wearing a mask, and charged accordingly, then you can ask your lawyer to find out what law you are being arrested under (probably there isn’t one) and you can produce your medical defence as to shortage of breath or whatever. But while on the street, and in the front line of this invasion by the government into your privacy, keep totally silent. That way your private space has not been invaded at all. You are still sovereign, and the jobsworths have to move on and bully someone else. The only words I would say if arrested is ‘I will need to call my lawyer’.

You do not have to identify yourself or speak under any circumstances. This is all happening so certain Tory politicians can make billions from corruptly obtaining business for the medical companies they ‘advise’. It is a Total Crap VOID OF TRUTH invasion of your private space. It is a 99% fake epidemic using psychological manipulation, which affects most people who still trust the government and can’t find a way to reprogram their minds once they’ve been captured.

Perpetrators Hancock, Johnson, Paterson, Baroness Harding to the fore. The so-called ‘Health’ cartel are making very big bucks indeed from destroying your privacy, freedoms and mental balance. Don’t let them. It’s all public information they have their fingers in the C for Cash -VOID OF TRUTH- till.

The illness was analysed by Dr Judy Makowitz as being caused by the flu vaccine – the role of vaccines another typical element of fake epidemics. See Hepatitis vaccine and AIDS, for example. The tampered with Coronavirus triggered a blood clotting condition in people who had had the flu shot (most old people in the UK receive it on their GP’s advice). This blood clotting condition is cured with an anti-coagulant but in the UK none of the victims were given any. The illness was wrongly categorised as respiratory and the victims were put on ventilators which quickly killed them.

The high number of deaths amongst foreign nurses is also explained partly by their having to have the flu vaccine each year to keep their jobs, partly by their lack of Vitamin D, and partly by wrong classification of their deaths as COVID 19 as with many others. It is possible some were poisoned early on to keep the fear flowing. Reports of perfectly healthy nurses turning blue and dying with no other symptoms suggested that possibility. The organisers of the fear will stop at nothing, I am quite sure.

Nurse deaths were the most effective in the media, and always appear in fake epidemics. SARS 1 in 2003 taught them that little trick.

You wonder if Boris’ illness was a result of his having the flu vaccine very publicly three weeks before his illness. Was the COVID-19 test he was then given, also very publicly, contaminated (another method of delivery of cases)? Or was he simply poisoned like some of the nurses might have been with an agent like cyanide? He has never been the same Boris since whatever took place happened. He must know it was an attempt on his life, and has wisely decided to keep his head down ever since, and cooperate.