Are you living in COVIDZONE?

Do you see people living with just a single thought in their heads?  Are you one of these people?  Is your mind captured by the fear and unable to free itself?  Is everything trapped inside as if your life is being sucked into a black hole?  If so, you are living in Covidzone, and you need help to break out of it.

In past psyops which were very similar to Covidzone, which is well described below, people, once trapped could not bring themselves to let go, and let simple truths break them out of it all.  The perpetrators of the zones put whistleblowers who know it is all fake under threat.  The media blanks them.

Many people died needlessly in previous psyops as is happening today.  Opening your mind can save your life and the lives of others, let alone the economy and your job.

If you recognise that you are captured, try to do something about it.  Read some alternative news sources.  Try to get your own mind in control of your life once more.  You will feel so much better if you do.  The problem is that most people once captured cannot find a way to unravel the fear, and look objectively at simple facts.

The medical cartel has the world in its grip.  It’s time to find the exit from the spiralling tunnel.  As the Welsh shop-keeper said to my wife two days ago, this is really a very silly game we are all playing.


What we are dealing with today is not science or medicine, but the deliberate manufacture of hysteria and cult-like conformity.

This is not an accident.

CoVid today is a replay of the same kind of hysteria and psychological dynamics Fauci & Co. first perfected in the 1980s.

Michael Ellner was a powerful force, from the mid-1980s on, resisting the pharmaceutical paradigm of HIV=AIDS=Death in New York City and globally. He conceived the concept of “The AIDS Zone”, where psychological factors trap victims in the grip of fear where the only salvation is the magical concoctions provided by the pharmaceutical industry, starting with the deadly AZT in 1987. David interviews four of his friends to remember his life and legacy – Celia Farber, Joan Shenton, Barnett “Bud” Weiss and Tom Diferdinando, in time for his birthday on April 10th.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Exclusive Brasscheck Interview.  The medicine was killing people, but the truth never came out.