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  1. sovereigntea says:

    2nd video —

    “My priority in parliament is working on the climate emergency”
    “I want to work on an international Green New Deal working with people across borders”

    Quite the eco class warrior. Does she speak with the indoctrinated tongue of a WEF guided activist ?

    “We have to win to save our planet”

    Recommends we watch DDN Double Down News. Should we put our trust in these types ?


    Chris Packham

    Wildlife TV presenter, author and conservationist. BBC Springwatch and Really Wild Show Legend

    George Monbiot

    Author, journalist and innovative environmental activist. Climate Change before it was cool

    Jon Snow

    Channel 4 Journalist, broadcaster, national treasure and multi-coloured tie enthusiast

    Looks like more of the same merely re-branded with some appealing but negligible proposals. Alas the UN/WEF Co2 mantra seeps to the surface and we find ourselves being directed towards the abyss of UN Agenda 2030 by the left pincer of Satan as opposed to the wicked Tory right.

    They are piss from the same pot all of them bear signposts pointing to the same destination.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Nevada Studies in History and Political Science
      Issues 1-6
      Pg. 34:
      Both Marx and Lenin emphasized the need for and prophesied the emergence of what Communist ideology terms the “controlled opposition.” Under such a concept opposition parties are permitted to continue in existence, to publish their own newspapers, to make their own speeches, and to propose their own slates of candidates. The crucial difference is, however, that the coalition formed in the second stage is a sham. Newspapers are subject to strictest control, speakers are censored and harassed or even arrested for deviation from the prescribed Communist party line, and slates of candidates are set up only with prior Communist approval.

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