Brexit. Anyone judged “not conducive to the public good” can be barred from UK under criminality rules.

Today the Government will embark on a £93 million advertising campaign to help Britons get ready for Brexit. So if you’re planning a holiday after December 31 then you best get your passport, and pets, in order.

‘Let’s Get Going!’

Amy Jones By Amy Jones,
Political Correspondent
A new £93 million publicity blitz will be launched by the Government today, in order to prepare Britons for life after the Brexit transition period. Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove is spearheading the “Let’s Get Going” campaign which hopes to raise awareness of the new border rules.

If you weren’t sure already that Britain was set to leave EU jurisdiction from January 1 then there will be no excuse now, as new adverts launch across TV, radio and newspapers and social media.

The changes mean that up to five million Britons will need to reapply for their passports now in order to be able to travel on the continent in the new year. Holidaymakers travelling to popular European destinations from January 1 will be required to have six months validity on their travel documents, which is likely to cause a stampede of renewals at UK passport offices.

There are also warnings that travel insurance could become more expensive as European Health Insurance Cards become invalid. The public will be urged to check their own mobile phone plans to see if they are eligible for roaming charges in the EU and pet owners will be advised to give vets four months’ notice before trying to take an animal to Europe.

Businesses that import and export products will be urged to apply for an EU Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number, or to register with the relevant customs authority.

Mr Gove also confirmed yesterday that more than £700 million is to be spent on beefing up Britain’s border systems. The money will go to building new infrastructure, hiring staff and developing technology to ensure borders are fully operational when the UK leaves the EU.

– The end of freedom of movement –

Many of the changes announced in the Government’s new campaign are taking place as a direct result of freedom of movement drawing to an end. Step in Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, who will set out Britain’s new immigration rules today.

Under the new system, the Home Secretary will announce that foreign criminals sentenced to more than a year in jail will be banned from our shores. My colleague Charles Hymas reports that the Government will be handed powers to exclude or deport any foreign criminal who has received a prison sentence of more than a year.

The new system will mean that European Union citizens will be treated in the same way as migrants from the rest of the world with businesses expected to do more to recruit British workers and end their reliance on cheap foreign labour.

The document ushers in the UK’s new points-based immigration system, whereby migrants will be rewarded if they have skilled job offers, speak English and meet minimum salary thresholds.

Anyone seeking to enter Britain who is judged “not conducive to the public good” could be barred under the new criminality rules.

TAP – Is there any evidence required?  It could exclude anyone you want, making it a typical bureaucratic system, with no rules, just ‘we don’t want you’.