BREAKING: Black Lives Matter upgrades Rules of Engagement (ROE) to “shoot people in vehicles” — protester shoots unarmed elderly man in a vehicle; CHAZ “security” opens fire on black teens in Seattle

Image: BREAKING: Black Lives Matter upgrades Rules of Engagement (ROE) to “shoot people in vehicles” — protester shoots unarmed elderly man in a vehicle; CHAZ “security” opens fire on black teens in Seattle

(Natural News) We have breaking news from sources in Seattle who tell us that Black Lives Matter terrorists have upgraded their Rules of Engagement (ROE) to actively shooting people in vehicles, and as a result of this new ROE, at least two shootings have now taken place over the last two days.

In Utah earlier today, a Black Lives Matter protester pulled a gun and opened fire on a 60-year-old man who was slowly driving a white SUV through a public intersection. The gunfire, clearly caught on video (and audio), managed to injure the driver but not kill him.

The shooter, dressed in typical Black Lives Matter garb and wearing a black-and-green shemagh, is caught in this screen grab from the video:

Here’s a video showing more details of the shooting:

What many in the media are not reporting is that a second possible Black Lives Matter gunman was also captured in another still frame. This individual is wearing a short-sleeve shirt, a black backpack, and blue jeans. He appears to be aiming a pistol at the same vehicle as it speeds away:

Here’s a zoomed-in image of the second gunman, who appears to be holding a pistol, possibly a snub-nosed revolver. Note his fingers clearly gripping a dark object, which appears to be a pistol frame:

CHAZ “security” goons open fire on a vehicle in Seattle, killing a black teen

Also on Monday, CHAZ / CHOP security goons — armed Black Lives Matter terrorists — opened fire on a vehicle, killing a black teen inside and injuring another. “A 16-year-old was fatally shot in Seattle’s CHOP early Monday morning, while a 14-year-old remains in critical condition at the Harborview Medical Center,” reports

According to callers, “several unidentified people had fired shots into the Jeep.” Marty Jackson, a volunteer medic in CHOP, said he heard the gunshots and saw a white SUV driving speedily. That was followed by additional gunshots. He arrived on the scene and witnessed others attempting to tend to the victims, one of whom was shot in the head. He said he recognized the victims, as they had appeared in the area before. “He also said the CHOP’s security are the ones who fired on the SUV after it crashed into a concrete barrier,” KUOW reported.

One of the volunteer medics provided additional details:

And so when I arrived up there, I see the guy that got shot in the head and I started doing, you know, medical work on him. The guy that I’m working on got shot in the face twice — once in temple, once in the jaw. Probably four or five times in the arm and then once on the side.”

Remember, the left-wing media continues to describe Black Lives Matter as “peaceful” protesters, even as they are shooting up vehicles in actions that have turned BLM-occupied areas of America into “active war zones,” according to eyewitnesses.

The Rules of Engagement have been escalated to kinetic engagement of vehicles

Why have multiple Black Lives Matter gunmen engaged vehicles on the same day, in two different cities? Sources tell Natural News that the Rules of Engagement (RoE) have been escalated among Black Lives Matter terrorists, and they are now instructed to open fire on “suspicious” vehicles in an effort to spark a civil war.

This is happening, we are told, because Black Lives Matter has experienced zero resistance or push back against its marxist agenda to overthrow the nation, so they believe they can succeed in a kinetic war to eliminate their political enemies. Because of this overconfidence, they are now actively upgrading the RoE for their front line militant troops, who have been heavily armed due to nearly $500 million in donations from virtue signaling corporations across America that are throwing money at Black Lives Matter, effectively funding an illegal insurrection and domestic terrorism on U.S. soil.

Corporations that openly support Black Lives Matter terrorists include Google, Facebook, Netflix, McDonalds and all the usual suspects, all of which are now actively supporting violent terrorists who shoot innocent Americans. Here’s a list of 269 corporations that actively support Black Lives Matter terrorists in America. This list includes Amazon, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Citigroup, Disney, Fedex, General Motors, Home Depot, Lyft, Merck, Target, Verizon, Mozilla and many more.

Note that even when Black Lives Matter protesters are now actively shooting innocent people, there isn’t a single one of these corporations that has denounced BLM terrorism. They apparently endorse gun violence now, as long as the gun violence is carried out by Black Lives Matter terrorists.

Black Lives Matter terrorists are even operating with the full cooperation of Democrat-run cities, which have granted BLM terrorists blanket immunity to carry out any violent crimes they wish, with police ordered to stand down no matter how violent the crime.

Listen to this horrifying 911 call for a recent example that will absolutely shock you when you realize Democrat-run cities are conspiring with Black Lives Matter terrorists to carry out waves of violent crime against innocent people.

Why are Black Lives Matter terrorists granted total legal immunity to carry out crimes of extreme violence across America with zero accountability for their actions?

How many Black Lives Matter shooting victims will it take before President Trump officially declares the group to be domestic terrorists engaged in an illegal insurrection?

All this brings up the obvious question: How long can the lying left-wing media continue to call Black Lives Matter terrorists “peaceful protesters” while they are gunning down innocent people in cities across America?

How many innocent, law-abiding Americans must die before President Trump and the DOJ officially declare Black Lives Matter to be a terrorist organization operating on U.S. soil?

At what point does the raw violence of Black Lives Matter finally sink in with the American people and motivate individuals to invoke their own right to self-defense against armed militant terrorists who are hiding behind a social justice narrative?

The McCloskeys in St. Louis found out that sooner or later, you have to pick up an AR-15 just to prevent the lunatic mob from burning down your private property… and these two people are Democrats!

With Black Lives Matter now being ordered to escalate kinetic engagements with innocent Americans, the next phase of this will see BLM terrorists gunning down people like the McCloskeys. And CNN will report that gunfire from BLM is “peaceful” gunfire, of course.

And you are racist to not want to be shot.

Suddenly, the entire mainstream media and corporate icons of America are all pro-gun, pro-terrorism and pro-violence against (White) women. Interesting how quickly they flipped the script on America, isn’t it?

Now, if you don’t agree with Black Lives Matter terrorists raping, pillaging, looting, burning and murdering, you are espousing “hate” and will be fired from your job or de-platformed from Facebook and Twitter. Don’t you get it? You must love the Black LIES and the terror. You are required to signal that you openly welcome being Burned, Looted and Murdered (BLM) by left-wing terrorists who are operating with an endless stream of corporate funding.

And if you’re driving a car that BLM decides to target with a new shooting, you must open your windows and scream, “I love being shot by Black Lives Matter!” or they will shoot you twice for being a racist.

Oh wait, they’re already shooting you multiple times. The black teens in Seattle were shot half a dozen times each. And they were “people of color.” Imagine how many times they shoot you if you’re White?

Lock and load, America. Check your mags and red dot sights. What Dave Hodges calls the Black Lives Matter “TET Offensive” is about to be initiated, and if you don’t own a rifle and know how to shoot terrorists in self-defense, you are going to be murdered in cold blood while CNN claims your murderers are “peaceful, oppressed people” who can do no wrong.

America is now in a civil war. If you don’t yet understand this simple truth, you are way behind the curve.