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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Kidnapping and torture prison busted in Holland

    Dutch Bust Mossad’s ‘Floating’ Torture Prison in Investigation


  2. ian says:

    Thanks for the links S’, being ruled by people who despise you, who in turn are ruled by people who only despise them a little less than they despise you, is bound to have downsides.

  3. ian says:

    Re the Dr Popper video, on which I am unable to comment. A wonderfully inspiring woman indeed. Only a couple of points, and only my opinion. She uses the example of the BLM protests as an example of TPTB’s inability to suppress mass uprisings. This is hardly a good example, as there is ample evidence that TPTB were funding BLM and using them to disenfranchise the hated white majority. I am sure, given the equipment at their disposal, that the authorities would love a “hated” white spontaneous uprising
    She also mentions the fact, that there are no prison camps large enough to deal with a mass uprising. Well yes there are all over the US. FEMA camps complete with copious supplies of plastic coffins, and apparently newly made guillotines. When I heard this, I felt that it seemed so bizarre, that it was unlikely to be true and was likely just a silly rumour, until I read that the punishment for disobeying the Noahide laws, is death by beheading, and so it is possibly true. Yes the camps exist. It seems almost as if, and yes I can be paranoid, this lady is trying to instigate civil unrest under false pretences, either intentionally or inadvertently. I just suggest being wary.

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