Another NHS Whistleblower Speaks Out

ER Editor: Another UK NHS whistleblower steps forward, this time a paramedic and member of the ambulance service. Simon Dolan, who republished this whistleblower’s account on Twitter yesterday and which we are republishing below, is the founder of Keep Britain Free (see FacebookTwitter and CrowdJustice), a movement created in response to the illegal nature of the lockdown imposed on the UK citizenry (and pretty much all of us). See this by 21st Century Wire titled VIDEO: ‘Welcome to the New Normal’ – Keep Society Free. He is fighting to bring legal action against the UK government.

First, Simon’s tweet, followed by a more readable version of the paramedic’s text, plus a corroborating response by another paramedic.

Notice the usual themes:

  • very little professional activity during lockdown
  • relatively empty hospitals
  • masks only being introduced once the virus has virtually gone
  • every case admitted to the hospital treated as ‘covid’
  • professional staff, if they got sick at all, recovered fast (none were social distancing, etc., during this time)






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