Amazing Polly exposes Google’s “machine learning fairness” CULT of indoctrination and racism

Image: Amazing Polly exposes Google’s “machine learning fairness” CULT of indoctrination and racism

(Natural News) Google is run by a radical left-wing cult that uses social justice libtards to program “machine learning” algorithms which are used to alter search engine results. Libtard logic, for example, says that there are no White inventors in U.S. history, so when you search Google images for “American inventors,” nearly all White people are removed from the results.

That’s libtard logic for you, and it dominates everything at Google.

Google’s internal libtard machine learning system is called “Machine Learning Fairness,” and it builds a search results infrastructure that decries conservatism, logic, statistics, Trump supporters, U.S. history and reality. In place of reality, Google now presents search results that are twisted and shaped to appease left-wing libtards who believe that men can become women, that carbon dioxide kills forests, and that all White people are evil and should be cancelled.

YouTube sensation “Amazing Polly” has posted an especially powerful description of Google’s “Machine Learning Fairness” program, which was revealed by Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies via (see my interview of Vorhies, below).

Another user has posted Polly’s video to Brighteon, which we also include below because YouTube is likely to ban this video for all the obvious reasons.

Watch and share:

Original YouTube video (which is likely to be banned by Google / YouTube): sharable link:

Here’s my interview with Zach Vorhies, who explains even more about the “Machine Learning Fairness” bias indoctrination system:

Make no mistake: Google is pure evil, and it’s now run by extremist left-wing lunatic libtards who are all clinically insane and filled with hatred, bigotry and rage against White people (and White men in particular).

That’s why it’s time to shut Google down and dismantle the Orwellian search giant that’s destroying the minds of billions of human beings. Read more about evil Google at