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Today’s Blower cartoon in the Telegraph

I got an email from a frustrated reader who tried and failed to get an appointment with his GP yesterday.

Two days ago I got to witness what a basket case the NHS has been turned into.

My GP does not now do face to face bookings. Nor can you book an appointment over the internet any more, you have to ring up.

So at 12.30pm I did so. I was in a queue, and I ended up hanging on the phone for 40 minutes until I spoke to a receptionist. I asked her if I could speak to a GP. She said sorry, there were no appointments available this week, but I could ring at 8am or 2pm to try and get an ’emergency’ appointment. I said it’s only 45 minutes till 2pm, could this not be sorted now: she said no, the computer system only “opens” at 2pm.

So I rang back at 2pm. It was engaged. I tried again 20 times, it was always engaged. I finally got through and was put in a queue. At 2.45 I spoke to the receptionist. I requested an emergency appointment. She said sorry, they have all gone, I’d have to try tomorrow at 8am.

At this point I pretty much broke down, saying I’d been on the phone for nearly an hour and a half today and still no sign of any appointment with a GP, and no guarantee I would get one this week, no matter how many times I rang back. I was in utter despair.

The slightly happy ending to the tale is that because I complained to her so much, she did pass a message on to the doctor, and I was rang later to tell me a prescription was ready to pick up. But no GP appointment, which is what I most need.

This is what the Government has done to the NHS thanks to its bug eyed focus on one single virus, a virus which has declined massively in the last four months. I pity those who are older than me and iller than me, this is a terrible situation with real human cost.

Btw, I live in Bath which, as far as I am aware, has had very, very few infections in the last months

By 29 July 2020



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  1. Aldous says:

    “This is what the Government has done to the NHS thanks to its bug eyed focus on one single virus, a virus which has declined massively in the last four months.”


    The NHS
    “Undermining the NHS is Common Purposes’ biggest success so far. NHS senior and middle management is riddled with Common Purpose members, yet the average doctor or nurse has never heard of Common Purpose. Why is Common Purpose so secretive?”

    The NHS has been been deliberately undermined for decades and most particularly for donkey’s years (since its inception) by the bogus educational charity Common Purpose.
    The Coronahoax is just the latest part of this destruction by stealth from traitors within and without.

    It’s very easy and misguided to blame just the governemnt(s) – who are complicit and culpable and justly deserve the same fate they have meted out on the vulnerable elderly and others these past months – for the economic devastation they have visited on millions; but the real and main culprits and villains are those who have engineered this fake pandemic to further a sick agenda while attempting to vastly depopulate the planet (as if they were god) and concentrate all wealth and power in as few pedophile hands as inhumanly possible.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    ” but the real and main culprits and villains are those who have engineered this fake pandemic to further a sick agenda while attempting to vastly depopulate the planet (as if they were god) and concentrate all wealth and power in as few pedophile hands as inhumanly possible.”
    I have to disagree with you slightly Aldous, you’re correct of course, but I think even more to blame and therefore even more self destructive, are the pathetically weak sheeple – our fellow citizens who have perpetuated this abominable hoax by acquiescing to all their draconian and utterly bizarre and illegal mandates: Lock-downs, mask wearing, loony ‘social distancing’ laws etc.; without even questioning them, let alone resisting any of this nightmarish, illegally imposed assault on our freedom and civil rights.
    They have encouraged a culture of hatred between neighbours, work place colleagues and even family members and given birth to and enable an antisocial hateful subclass of bigots of so-called ‘Karens’, who are encouraged by our lying fascist government, to report those who they observe who are trying to cling to what’s left of their freedom by rightly refusing to comply with any of these ridiculous, inhumane measures. And yet again, nobody even opposes them.
    We only have ourselves to blame for this mess by allowing it to happen and perpetuate.
    Until we wake up to this Mega-hoax and oppose it (violently if necessary), it is only destined to progress to something much worse and we will NEVER enjoy the freedom which we took for granted and gleefully surrendered to this utter tyranny again.

    • Aldous says:

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

      “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

      I know what you mean Alan. I’ve removed a few contacts from my mailing list because they simply ‘didn’t want to know’.
      I wasn’t entirely surprised by their emails but still hugely disappointed. Such times as we are experiencing often bring out the best and worst in people. Fear is the key and there’s a lot of it out there but we’re still friends.

      It’s hard to put into exact words what I would like to suggest for best but two sayings spring to mind:

      ‘When the enemy is making a mistake, don’t for God’s sake interrupt them.’ (Napoleon?)
      ‘Don’t ever let the enemy know what you are really thinking and keep them closer than your friends’ to parody the late, great Mario Puzo.

      These are truly bleak times but the darkest hour always comes before the Dawn and I’m starting to think/hope that Good and Right will prevail in the end – even if we don’t actually live to see it. ‘Better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees’ so to speak.

      “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

      Regards, AH

  3. Derek says:

    A week ago, my wife strained her shoulder lifting a weight, and suffered excruciating pain. Pain killers barely touched it, and she rang 111 (UK) for clinical advice. Having given all her personal details and that of her pain, and what pain killers she had taken to ‘person 1’, she was aked to hold on while she was put through to ‘person 2’. Person 2 then asks for the same details, and they were given. The advice was to call our local hospital for an appointment. This she did. Person 3, (at the hospital), took all the details again, and advised us to come to the hospital to be seen, but we would need to phone from the hospital car park upon arrival. This we did and were told to wait in the car. My wife was rung on her mobile and told to approach the main entrance where she was met by a man wearing a mask and in scrubs. He took her in and for the fourth time, all her details were recorded. She was not examined, but told to go back out to the car, when a Doctor would telephone her for consultation. Five minutes later her phone rang again and the Doctor asked for all her details – the fifth time.

    The Doctor spoke to my wife on the phone for the better part of twenty minutes apologising for not being able to see her face to face “due to the present circumstances”, but went through a litany of which pain killers in which combinations might best work to alleviate her pain. We had already tried them all. Apologising again the Doctor also stated that a physio was not available at this time, and could not help us further.

    We had only driven the twenty five minutes to the hospital in the expectation of an examination. All of these details could have been exchanged over the phone from home. A pointless exercise.

    Further, that next morning we looked through Yellow Pages for a physiotherapist and found one willing to see my wife two days later. A thirty minute drive, a half hour session at £42 involving examination and some acupuncture, and my wifes pain was reduced. We are off for another half hour session today.

    In many ways the NHS has served us well over the years, and my wife has worked as a Community Nurse in the past herself, but this manufactured catastrophe of a pandemic and the administrative b**ls up, has turned it into a disgrace.

    In addition, my 89yr old Father-in-law has issues with his hearing, and we have been shunted from pillar to post between surgey and hospital with no luck since March of this year (covid shutting everything down for the most part). Just today we have been advised that due to covid-19, the aural department of the local main hospital have 1,800 patients in their queue of attendance. We are going private with an appointment in mid August.

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