What’s going on in Sweden?

Synthetic terror & attacks on freedom, women children – Kalergi Plan.


Government authorities are the ones doing the bombings in Sweden.  Balconies are exploded, but there is no show of normal impact of bombs.  No marks on walls.  The edge is perfect between total damage and no destruction.  Glass on buildings flies inwards not outwards.  The usual shoes are left abandoned on the street – the usual markers of terror events in the media.  Used in the holocaust as a symbol of death – and used ever since.

In air crash in Teheran, the only thing apart from the wreckage was shoes.  With so many people now aware shoe symbology, they are starting to use bicycles as the media symbology of terror.

People are frightened by the continual bombings and shootings and are trying to leave Sweden.  Police are handing out weapons and explosives and hand grenades and machine guns, according to gangs Ole has interviewed.  Big invasion of immigrants – many with criminal background.  The Army and Police are being shrunk.  Police are being bogged down in paperwork, leaving no time to deal with crimes.  A problem is being created deliberately.  Immigrants being given big luxury apartments with locals getting the minimum housing.

Immigrants are guided in by Soros etc.  Mosques being built everywhere.  The Swedish people are angry seeing their country being destroyed.  If anyone criticises, it’s called hate speech.  Anyone sharing statistics about crime on Facebook are sued.