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ER Editor: Kudos to 21st Century Wire for making the group Keep Britain Free (linked to below) known. It has a Facebook page (here), can be found on Twitter, and is run by Simon Dolan, whose Twitter tagline is Taking the UK Government to Court to end the illegal lockdown and bring those responsible to account. On Facebook, Keep Britain Safe opines:

“This is one reason why the Judicial Review is so important. The law they put in place would enable ‘local lockdowns’ and shut down large gatherings whenever they wish. We can’t let this happen. Keep Britain Free.”

The media report linked to this comes from the Establishment Daily Mail (Health Secretary Matt Hancock threatens to CLOSE beaches and re-lockdown local areas after ‘major incident’ in Bournemouth, thousands of Liverpool fans celebrate title win and police come under attack from revellers for second night). If you follow just the copious press photos attached to this report, of revellers on a southern English beach enjoying great weather after an unusually long and oppressive lockdown, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this report was there to criticize the littering habits of the English public, a totally irrelevant topic but designed to smear what is essentially normal behaviour. The text of the piece has remarkably little of substance to say, except ‘there’ll be a second wave so this has to be stopped’ and ‘we’ll need a vaccine’ type of thinking. But it is entirely true that the government is now giving itself powers to just swoop in wherever it feels like on a local level, and stop a free people’s right to mobility, assembly and social contact.

Comment on Facebook suggests that some of the crowded beach scenes being used to lambast beachgoers are from another event in 2019.

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VIDEO: ‘Welcome to the New Normal’


Just as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is announcing his government’s plan to exit the country’s self-imposed ‘lockdown,’  the public are being continually besieged with new restrictions policing all aspects of life and human interactions – all in the name of “saving lives” against what is alleged to be a ‘deadly pandemic’ of Coronavirus, which authorities still insist is a general threat to the lives of the entire population.

We’re told repeatedly that people must to get used to a “new normal” of obsessive social distancing measures which they say will remain in place for “some time.”

The campaign to Keep Britain Free says: “Don’t let it happen…”

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