‘They’re either paranoid or don’t give a damn. Nothing in between.’ says shopkeeper about customers.

She’s all on her own running her shop, which is totally legal as Cummings would have said, if asked.  She is receiving customers through the door if they contact her and ask for an appointment – selling jewellery.

‘They’re either paranoid or they don’t give a damn about it all,’ she says.  ‘If they’re OK I’m happy to talk to them, but if they’re paranoid they’re better staying at home.’

Quite right.

I wonder where the balance lies.  Are we split as a nation half and half between those who want to live and those who want to cower in fear?  It sounds like it.

The paranoid will be the big losers.  And the don’t give a damns will scoop up all the jobs, trades and bargains.  Fear’s a funny thing.  You either have it or you don’t.  The TV watchers are the worst.  Turn the damned thing off, and get out there.

COVID is a psyop, and presents no real threat.  Turning into hermits who can’t think and act independently is the only bad condition people are suffering from.  Far too many by the sound of it.  Get back to living and trying to fulfil your destiny now please.  Stop jumping to the tune of political crooks, and turn off that damned moving images device with its hypnotic powers to control your brain.  Life’s more fun without it.  Try.