The real revolution is averted by being pre-empted by a fake one.

 The CIA and FBI have filled the streets with every last actor they could hire, to prevent real people from filling the streets themselves. And the media is so busy reporting on this fake revolution, as they were hired to do, that there is no room left for real news. If real people are pushing back on corona or against the Federal Reserve or anything else, you won’t hear about it. It will be drowned out by the fake riots.

THAT is why the police are letting actors take over their precincts, burn their buildings, and pretend to beat cops. They have been ordered to do so. They are running their little Hollywood fake revolution, to pre-empt the real one.

So that is how you should read Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and all the rest. They aren’t real revolutionaries, they are fake ones. They are controlling the opposition. As I have told you before, real revolutions don’t come from the right, or from conservatives, so Adams and Jones being conservatives should have been your first clue. Revolutions come from the left, since a revolution has to overthrow the rich people running the country. Those rich people are on the right, so the revolutionaries can’t be on the right, too, by definition.

The idea that any sort of pushback could be coming from Trump supporters is equally absurd. Trump is a rich guy who loves the CIA, so there is no possibility he is going to be part of any revolution or pushback. The Republican party is not your friend and never has been, so get that through your head. Neither is the Democratic party. They are also owned by rich people, and always have been. This isn’t a question of parties, since both parties are beyond corrupt. They will have to fall in the revolution with everything else. This isn’t a question of Democrat v. Republican, or Trump v. Pelosi, or any of that. But these fake revolutionaries on both sides keep pushing you back to that split, because they want you talking about things that don’t matter, and missing all the things that do.

If you consider yourself a conservative, fine, it doesn’t really matter. I assume you just mean you are in favor of conserving the family, conserving morality, conserving sensible laws, conserving the Constitution, and so on. So am I. What I am not in favor of conserving is the hegemony of the very rich, and their ability to steal from the worldwide treasuries with impunity. I am not in favor of conserving their ability to lie about everything all the time. I am not in favor of their ability to fake events, using the bought media to sell them as real.

So whatever your call yourself, you need to keep your focus. This isn’t about black versus white, Democrat versus Republican, Trump versus Pelosi, men versus women, young versus old, north versus south, or east versus west. This is about protecting yourself and your fellow countrymen from being looted by billionaire bankers and cloaked investment groups. This is about refusing to play the stupid victim any longer. And it should now be about getting your money back. These bastards have already stolen hundreds of trillions of dollars worldwide from you and your parents and grandparents, and that

money is not gone. It did not disappear. It is not being stored on Mars or Venus. So you can get it back.

Therefore, you don’t have to pick sides in this current fiasco. Tell both the Antifa actors and the Hell’s Angels actors to fuck off and start your own real revolution. Drive around these bozos and do something real. Form real alliances with real people. These fake revolutionaries took over the streets because the streets were empty. You were home sucking your thumb, afraid to catch a cold, cowering under the bed as CNN and FOX told you what to think and what to do. But you can remedy that. Wake up, dunk your head in cold water, slap yourself a few times, and remind yourself that your life is yours. The future is yours. You have things to do and you know how to do them. So get busy. Start by refusing illegal orders.* Start by speaking out. Start by talking to your neighbors. Start by turning off the fake news. Do not be afraid.

Do not social distance, do not wear masks, go to church, open your restaurant, open your gym.


*All these bulls issued by Governors have no legal standing. Laws have to be passed by legislatures, and Governors cannot make laws. Even in emergencies, Executive Orders have a very limited time frame, and that time frame ended months ago. So all Corona orders expired a long time ago. Your government is currently existing on a bluff. Call their bluff.

The reason I am here today is that yesterday a reader sent me a link to Mike Adams at NaturalNews, who is now trying to surround my research and blackwash it, like many others. That article is about the George Floyd event being fake, but Adams ends the article with this:

It’s all a reminder that when it comes to the unfolding of history, everything you see is rigged, including every mass shooting, the 9/11 attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing (which was actually staged by the FBI), the government raids in Waco, the assassination of JFK and so on.

Your entire human history has been engineered by “history’s architects” — globalists who plot and carry out all the major events of history in order to shape a public narrative that leads to your enslavement.

Hmmm. Adams wasn’t pushing that line until recently. He suspiciously seems to be snuggling up to me for some reason. I can only guess it is because my research is gaining such incredible traction, these fake alternative people have to either embrace me or defeat me. Not being able to defeat me, they HAVE to embrace me, or appear to. So they admit I am right, but then try to surround me with noise. You see the same thing with Jim Fetzer, Veteran’s Today, Infowars, Owen Benjamin, and hundreds of other outlets.

On other pages at NaturalNews, you find the noise: After admitting “your entire human history has been engineered”, Adams somehow forgets that when he begins talking about current events. Yes, he admits the Floyd murder was faked, but then he takes all these riots as real. He treats all these Antifa people and “leftists” as real, instead of as the paid agents they clearly are. He tells you the Democratic governors and mayors are letting this happen because they hate America and because they are leftists. So, you see, Adams is just doing his part in this stageplay. He is playing the “rightist” part, responding to the bad old leftists. In an article today, we learn Trumpy biker gangs like the Hell’s Angels are planning to forcibly take back downtown Seattle on July 4. But that’s just the next scene in the play. Like the Antifa leftists, the Hell’s Angels rightists are just agents in disguise. The Hell’s Angels have always been agents. They were trained by the CIA in the 1960s and still are. If we have some big Battle in Seattle, it will all be staged. It will be another Hollywood/CIA joint production.

Adams, Jones, and all the rest are doing the same thing on their side the Antifa people are doing on

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theirs: escalating tension as much as humanly possible. Why? As yet another diversion. We have an accelerating series of fake events, all scripted to keep your eyes off the multi-trillion-dollar steal from the treasury that just happened this spring. Corona was the fake event used as primary cover, but that veil began to fail, so these jokers came up with plan B: fake race riots. These race riots almost make you forget the whole Corona fiasco, so they are primarily a feint to “move you on”. They want you so distraught over these race riots, you forget all your Corona anger. Maybe you forget to sue for Civil Rights violations over illegal Corona orders. Maybe you forget to push back on Corona, because that is no longer topic one in your mind. And, most important of all, you don’t organize Corona protests, because the streets are already filled with fake BLM protestors.