The herd goes back into the field, but why was it locked down in the first place?

You can see cars now – plenty of them – almost as many as you could before the lockdown started, though not quite.  There are s0-called non-essential shops opening on Monday, and many more schools going back a week later.  The herd is indeed being allowed back into the field.  Hospitals are closing COVID wards and the business of health administration is also getting back to normal, as there are so few COVID cases now.

The fact is that COVID-19 has failed.

In the sense that it failed to kill many people.  Only those who were very old or younger ones who had had the flu shot, and didn’t receive appropriate treatment passed away, and even then their demise was often acquired through the administration of life-ending drugs like morphine or ventilators that killed hundreds.  The numbers who actually died from COVID-19 (not the figures from faked government statistics) were indeed very few, way below the normal death toll from the annual flu outbreak.

The fact that the outbreak was not very serious was known even before the lockdown started, and government scientists were advising that the illness presented no threat to the nation.

Yet the lockdo0wn went ahead despite that.  Why?

There is little doubt the SARS-COVID-2 virus was created in the laboratory paid for by Gates and Fauci.  They obviously wanted it to trigger the gamma retro viruses contained in the flu shot and hoped for and expected a much larger number of dead than they got, using this technique.  The reason they urgently locked down their failing CARS COVID 2 target audience was not because the herd was seriously threatened.  It wasn’t.  They locked us down because COVID-19 was failing.  Had it been succeeding in killing big enough numbers the lockdown would not have happened, and they would have done all they could to spread the virus.

They have more than one SARS COVID virus up their sleeves and they are waiting for the right moment to release their next best shot at halving the human population.  They are trying to move the news agenda on, with statues tumbling all over the shop, while they regroup.  The reason for the lockdown was not to save anyone.  The last thing they needed was the herd accumulating antibodies against the virus.  As each time an attack fails, it’s harder for these architects of death to find a virus that will get through and past our immune systems.  The anti-bodies against one of them is useful as a barrier against the next, giving the immune system vital information.  The lockdown was their desperate attempt to stop that immunity from coming about.

Don’t wear masks.  Don’t hide away.  Catch the virus if you possibly can.  It won’t kill you if your immune system is working as per normal.  And you will be much less likely to fall victim to future Gates/Fauci virus attacks.  Well done, folks.  This one you’ve defeated!  All the trillions of dollars in the world can’t as yet get round our immune systems.  Evil scientists and trillionaires like Gates, and Epstein are rushing back to their drawing boards.

On the other hand, how much 5G has been installed while the lockdown has been going?  I parked outside Percy Throwers garden centre and the EMF meter was off the scale – a hundred times higher than it was three months ago.  It seems like the emf attack is going ahead as feared.  Head for local privately own garden centres if you can and avoid big shopping centres.  Local business only want to sell to you, and not kill you.  That should be competitive as a business attraction.  If only people used emf metres when they went shopping or had 5G phones to let them know they’re under fire.

A friend who’s categorised as electro hyper sensitive is getting some X Ray glasses, as used by nurses working in X Ray departments to lessen the emf load hitting their optic nerve at the back of their eyes.  The optic nerve is a part of the brain and can upset your circadian rhythms inter alia.  How we can defend ourselves from 5G I don’t know at this stage.  Unlike COVID-2 it is really a very serious threat to our health, and they’ve used the lockdown to go round installing it everywhere.  I wonder if it’s been put into our children’ schools since they were sent home.  I wouldn’t put it past these most evil of people.

You need a 5G phone to know when you’re under attack from 5G. As soon as you see bars,  it’s time to move on and get the hell out of there.  Don’t even think about using the thing as a communication device unless you are actually suicidal.  Even then I am sure you can do better.  Volunteer for a COVID-19 vaccine trial, for example.