The Great Reset. Punish the poor with green taxes and NHS charges.

The document advises Mr Sunak that it is now likely to become necessary to break at least one of the Conservatives’ key manifesto pledges not to increase taxes or scrap the triple lock on state pension rises.

It states: “To fill a gap this size [in the public finances] through tax revenue risers would be very challenging without breaking the tax lock. To raise fiscally significant amounts, we would either have to increase rates/thresholds in one of the broad-based taxes (IT, NICS, VAT, CT) or reform one of the biggest tax reliefs (eg pensions tax).”

It adds that it would be “economically better to break the tax lock to achieve revenue of this scale than attempt to raise this level of revenue” and would also be “important to consider measures that support a growth-friendly composition of tax (consumption/property taxes rather than taxes on income/profits).

“We should also look at opportunities for new taxes that could meet some of the Government’s broader policy objectives, raising revenue to relieve long-term fiscal pressures (eg an NHS/social care surcharge or new carbon/green taxes). A one per cent increase in the basic rate in the basic rate of income tax would raise around £5 billion p.a.”

Mr Sunak is also advised that there are “further options to address the challenge through spending and welfare” reductions.

The document suggests a two-year freeze on public sector pay could generate savings of £6.5 billion by 2023-24, while “stopping the rising cost” of the pension triple lock would produce savings of £8 billion a year.



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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Who would have guessed it? More tax and reduced spending to fund the coronabaloney funding largesse. All to be borne by us plebs

    No doubt the super rich culprits won’t have to pay more either. Many of them have increased their wealth this year

    It will certainly be interesting to see what happens to peoples attitudes when the coronabaloney generated economic nightmare hits this autumn. People are complacent about that now I think but they will get a massive wake up call soon enough. Just in time for the “second wave” and more lockdowns perhaps?

    • Tapestry says:

      We are goyim – farm animals – to be cropped. Prince Charles has put his name all over the Great Reset, but will no doubt try to distance himself from a privatised NHS and the grim reality of so-called ‘green’ taxation. It all sounds so cuddly trying to save the earth until the corpses start piling up.

  2. Aldous says:

    I would avoid the NHS like the bloody plague that it has become. It’s infested with Common Purpose scum graduates and one is worth far more dead on arrival than alive on discharge.
    Check out Liverpool Care Pathway and even just leaving patients to die from neglect and dehydration. It works a treat.

    That ‘terrible Swedish Jew’ (according to West Point archives) Eisenower/Eisenhauer knew how easy it was to kill people. Just corral them in a field and forget about them for a week and they will be no more. Simples.

    I notice the UK has relatively recently changed its protocol on organ donation to ‘implied consent’.
    Everyone should be aware that they are worth a small fortune (but only dead) once they are checked in. The bastards in Hollywood even make films about it such as Coma to name but one.

  3. Aldous says:

    Eisenhower was entrusted as a point man for the fake Holocaust story, one whose evidence is so flimsy as to be laughable were it not for the sinister ends to which that abominable lie has been put.

    Additionally, Eisenhower’s systematic food deprivation of the Germans also made him an insider to the Jewish program to exterminate the White or “gentile” people.

    Finally, Eisenhower’s murder of General George Patton puts the icing on the cake of Eisenhower’s ruthless determination to give his people mastery over the Soviet Union and to fully efface White culture in eastern Europe. Jews bankrolled the Red Revolution and the USSR. They extended their empire to the east in the wake of World War 2, an advance which Patton threatened to thwart.

    • Tapestry says:

      See Miles W Mathis on Dresden. It was rebuilt surprisingly quickly with ageing features faithfully reproduced….He makes a convincing case that this is another ‘narrative’.

  4. Aldous says:

    The carpet bombing during WW2 of entire German cities is proof – if any was ever needed – that mass murder of Gentiles was the order of the day.
    Germany, Italy, Japan had no such so-called ‘strategic bombers’ whose only purpose and ability was to drop bombs on innocent civilians/cities and nothing else.
    The fact that the ‘allies’ obliterated Dresden when the war was all but over is testament to the awfull truth of this.

  5. Aldous says:

    For me (as a former aviator) the worst part of the Hellstorm video is the sanctioned policy of random ‘strafing’ of totally innocent German people.
    There is one awful scene where there is a horse and cart moving along a road with an elderly-looking man at the reigns. The oh-so brave pilot zeroes in and blasts them both with his cannon.
    Isn’t war wonderful?

    • archer says:

      Same thing happens today – except it’s poor, brown-skinned civilians on the receiving end.

      A-10s and AH-64s are described colloquially as ‘tankbusters’ however they are seldom pitted against conventional military hardware.

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