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LGBT influence has flooded into Taiwan since the courts & legislature forced “gay marriage” on the country.

Churches fought hard against it.

A recent important pro-family victory – at a university health center.

In Taiwan: College students form MassResistance chapter to confront LGBT agenda on campus.

June 6, 2020
ALT TEXTA Christian pastor gets the deadly “George Floyd” knee-on-the-neck by police for peacefully protesting against a “gay marriage” bill outside of the Taiwanese Parliament building in 2016. (Police brutality is apparently acceptable when it promotes LGBT causes.)

In 2019, Taiwan became the first Asian country to have “gay marriage” forced on the population – clearly against the will of the majority (as detailed below). Since then, LGBT radicals have made further inroads into the schools, universities, and government. The churches, once a strong nationwide force in opposition, have been pushed aside. The battle to stem the tide is looking grim.

But recently a Taiwan MassResistance college chapter has started. And it’s gaining traction! Here is a report on an initial victory.


What happened in Taiwan?

The conservative Kuomintang Party had always ruled Taiwan. Then in 2016, the left-wing (and pro-LGBT) Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was voted into power. At that point things quickly began to change.

For years, Taiwan had been a primary target for the worldwide LGBT movement. But they had not been able to force “gay marriage” on any Asian country. Now, Taiwan seemed to be their best starting point for that.

The 2016 “gay marriage” bill in Parliament

In October 2016, a “gay marriage” bill was introduced in the Taiwanese Parliament by the DPP. It caused a huge outcry among the large conservative segment of the population. As MassResistance reported at the time, the country’s churches mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to protest. They came to Taipei, the nation’s capital, and thousands filled the streets.

ALT TEXTTaiwanese citizens, outraged at the “gay marriage” bill, flooded the streets of Taipei in 2016.

On Nov. 17, 2016, the day of the “second reading” of the bill, hundreds of church people (led by a group of pastors) surrounded the Parliament building in protest.

The police came in riot gear and were quite ruthless. They roughly forced many protesters to the ground and handcuffed them. The police made numerous arrests, including the church leaders.

ALT TEXTPolice came, attacked the group of protesters, and tackled many to the ground.
ALT TEXTPastors tied up and awaiting formal arrest outside Parliament building.

However, all of those arrested were later released and not prosecuted. The prosecutor realized that no laws had been broken! The area where they had been protesting was officially a “public square” where protesting was allowed, and they had not blocked anyone from entering or leaving the building. This had clearly been an effort by the government to intimidate and harass the opponents of “gay marriage.”

But the church protests continued relentlessly. In December, even more people filled the streets of Taipei. The pressure on legislators caused the DPP to lose its momentum on the bill, and in late December it stalled and was never voted on.

2017 – Taiwanese Supreme Court forces “gay marriage” on the country

Since they couldn’t immediately achieve their goal in the legislature, the LGBT movement employed their usual tactic: They turned to the courts. It was a relatively easy ploy; the Taiwanese courts were quite liberal, fairly corrupt, and had ties to the ruling party.

In May 2017, as the Taiwan’s Supreme Court (known as the “Constitutional Court”) took up the issue, pro-family people from across Taiwan came and protested.

Unfortunately, their protests were ignored. On May 24, the Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny “gay marriage” in Taiwan. The ruling gave the Parliament two years to amend the laws to accommodate it, after which “gay marriages” must be allowed.

2018 – Successful national referendum against “gay marriage”

The following year, church groups collected over 280,000 signatures to include a referendum in the November national elections. It asked two questions: “Should marriage be restricted to one man and one woman?” and “Should all LGBT ‘education’ be banned for students under 15?”

Both of those questions passed overwhelmingly – with well over 2/3 of voters approving.

2019 – Legislature ignores referendum and votes in “gay marriage”

In May 2019, the Taiwanese Legislature, still controlled by the left-wing DPP, went along with the Court ruling and passed a law legalizing “gay marriage.”  They ignored the clear will of the voters.

But this time, the church response was forced to be muted. Earlier that year the government changed the accounting rules to require churches to make the names of their donors public, and account for how they spent their money. This was done purposely to cause fear of being involved with any anti-government activity. And it was (and continues to be) effective.

The surge of LGBT “education” begins

Almost immediately after the “gay marriage” law was passed and signed into law, the LGBT machine went into high gear.

The legislature has clearly ignored the referendum about “LGBT education” – there are widespread reports of hardcore LGBT propaganda and ideology from elementary school right up into the colleges. Many parents are extremely upset to find out what their children are being taught in their local schools – but feel powerless to do anything. The government has become very intolerant of dissenters in this area.

Not surprisingly, the “Gay Pride” parades are now more perverted and degrading than ever.

ALT TEXTPerversions are now being pushed in the public square in Taiwan.
ALT TEXTStreet scene during “gay pride” – we’re only showing you the back view of this one!
ALT TEXTMocking Jesus. As we’ve seen everywhere else, there is more and more overt anti-Christianity as the LGBT movement gains steam.

MassResistance college group forms!

One positive note is that Taiwan does not (yet) have an entire generation of young people who have been intimidated and propagandized since early childhood by the LGBT movement.

Last year, we were contacted by a very determined Taiwanese college student who was very upset at what was happening in his university – and across his country. Since then we’ve helped him build a Taiwan MassResistance chapter in his area.

Our MassResistance activist surprised the university by letting them know that there was active opposition to LGBT propaganda. For example, at the recent Winter Solstice event at his university, the moderator began showing slides of homosexual men kissing (among other things) and began lecturing the students about “gender equality” and “feminism from a male perspective.”

ALT TEXTSlide of men kissing – at the Winter Solstice event.

Here’s what our MassResistance student later told us:

My school held a winter solstice activity. Usually, the major content is making traditional food for winter solstice. But the health office suddenly added LGBT issues and gender equality into the activity. Later a professor talked about feminism from a male perspective.

I filed a complaint the day after the activity to the dean of student affairs. I asked the dean to keep the LGBT talk out of the presentation, and demanded that they check contents before the activity. They didn’t seem to know how to respond.

I was told by a friend of mine that the college is doing gender equality presentations so they can get more government subsidies.

Stopping the University Health Clinic propaganda

Earlier this year, the student health center at National Quemoy University put up a poster in their window promoting homosexuality and transgenderism. This was very offensive to our Taiwan MassResistance group, which has seen our book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality.


One of our activists contacted the Dean of Student Affairs to complain. He then reached out through social media to other students and activist groups, urging them to spread the word — and also contact the Dean of Students as well as the health clinic.

ALT TEXTHere’s one post that Facebook didn’t get around to deleting! The text above the picture is telling viewers to comment on the website and call the health department to register outrage and opposition to the pro-gay poster in the window.

From what we’ve heard, a lot of students reacted. Five days later, the health clinic took down the poster!


Enduring the attacks on free speech in Taiwan

This hasn’t been easy. The attacks on free speech have gone from bad to worse in Taiwan.

During the presidential elections in the country earlier this year, the police began investigating some of our Taiwan MassResistance activists for their views on homosexuality. The government had seen their posts critical of the incumbent president, Tsai-Ing Wen, because she helped impose “gay marriage.”

One of our activists even faced a lawsuit from an LGBT activist because he had spoken out against homosexuality! Thankfully, the courts threw the case out. But the fact that someone got sued for speaking on this issue just shows how dangerous the country is becoming!

Other attacks are coming from large organizations. For example, a new well-funded non-profit organization called “Equal Love Taiwan,” says its mission is to “fight against homophobia.” In other words, they are using their resources to actively stamp out any expression in the public square of the natural aversion to homosexuality.

ALT TEXTEqual Love Taiwan banner with slogan: “Queer Day – Good Day”

Final thoughts

As MassResistance has explained to many people in countries throughout the world, the LGBT agenda does not stop with gay marriage. It is a springboard to force the normalization of homosexuality (as well as transgenderism) into every facet of public life.

And – as in the US – it is followed by a wave of oppression against anyone who dares to disagree.

We believe that it’s critical that citizens stand up to this as quickly as possible, and in as many ways as they can think of. Small steps lead to big steps. We’re thrilled to have a group of Taiwan MassResistance college students who are willing to do that!

ALT TEXTOutside the Student Health Center – a step in the right direction!
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