Passing Observations 16 (A Coronavirus Special)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. Yesterday morning, YouTube took down my video about how I fear governments plan to steal and sell your DNA. I complained that the video contained facts and an assessment of the future – a prognosis. The only difference between my hypothesis and the hypothesis put forward by the seemingly hopeless Ferguson (the Eddie the Eagle of mathematical modelling) is accuracy. I don’t think his was and I suspect mine is. That’s why it was taken down. Ten minutes after I had complained, YouTube restored the video. This saves me making another `Why Did They Ban My Video?’ tape. If you haven’t already watched the first one please do. It’s called `Why Did YouTube Ban My Video?’ it’s about free speech and the freedom of the press and when I last looked it had received a respectable 258,000 views.

2. The demonstrations about the death of a black American are understandable and undoubtedly full of well-meaning people but I fear that those folk are doing what the authorities want them to do – they are distracting attention from our global fight for survival and freedom. If we don’t all fight together then we will all be slaves for life. I’m not joking. The McCann story which hit the front pages of all the UK papers was another deliberate distraction. We only get one chance to win the big fight. Predictably, Lewis Hamilton, a racing driver, threw himself into the controversy about the killing of the black American. He said he was overcome with rage at the events following the death. How about a little rage at events which resulted in the deaths of thousands of British citizens (black and white) in care homes? If Mr Hamilton really wants to help improve society he could perhaps do more by moving back to the UK and paying income tax. The tax on his obscene earnings would pay for the hiring of many, many policemen. Mr Hamilton, who has lived in tax exile for years, is famous to many for even managing to avoid paying tax on the £16.5 million aeroplane he bought. He is alleged to have used a company in the British Virgin Islands and another one on the Isle of Man. In my view, people who are tax exiles and who work hard to avoid paying tax forfeit the right to comment on social issues.

3. Dr Colin Barron’s bookLife by Misadventure is one of the most moving autobiographies I have read for a long time. It’s a true and absolutely fascinating medical story (though in places it reads like a medical horror story) and a true love story all in one book. It’s inspirational and full of compassion. I thoroughly recommend it.

4. Antoinette and I went shopping in a local supermarket. There were quite a few other shoppers around but I am delighted to report that I saw no masks and no gloves. There was no social distancing – we all just moved about as normal. Antoinette said there were some directional signs on the floor but I’m afraid I didn’t see them. This was a pity because if I’d seen them I would have been able to ignore them.

5. The Greens are demanding that if and when attempts are made to restore our economy, every effort should be made to do so along lines which will satisfy the looniest of the climate change nutters. If this happens then there is absolutely no hope for us, millions more will be unemployed for life and hundreds of thousands will die. The Greens have three qualities: they are arrogant, stupid and narrow minded. They also insist on wearing cameras on their silly cycling helmets.

6. Please do whatever you can to spread the truth. Share videos and ask people to visit this website. Try to convert those who are terrified and who believe that the coronavirus is the 21st century version of the plague. There are no subscription charges and no advertisements on my YouTube channel or this website and we promise not to try to sell them T-shirts or fancy mugs. But I will mention my books from time to time, when appropriate, so that, if you buy one, Antoinette and I can eat occasionally. (It’s a bad habit we picked up.)

7. The BBC has reported (as though with surprise) that new car sales were down 97% in Northern Ireland in May. How could they be surprised? I am surprised that the sales were not down 100%. Who on earth managed to buy a car with all the showrooms shut? (We bought a new car about two days before the lockdown started. It’s a dream vehicle and it has so far travelled a grand total of 175 miles in nearly three months.)

8. Although the lockdowns have been lifted a little, Antoinette and I hardly every go out. Our house and garden are big enough for us to move about and we live on a sort of island. When we do venture out through our gate it requires a good deal of effort. We are natural recluses and we are aware that if we aren’t careful we will become complete recluses. I suspect there are several million more potential recluses in Britain alone.

9. Professor Ferguson (aka Professor Lockdown and Professor Pantsdown) is reported to have admitted to a House of Lords Select Committee that Sweden achieved much the same result as the UK in suppressing the coronavirus – but without a lockdown and the associated health, social and economic problems.

10. Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, says he has seen a scientific report suggesting that the coronavirus was man made by Chinese scientists. Donald Trump and the CIA have said the same thing. So why haven’t we been shown this report?

11. Nearly half of all primary schools didn’t open on 1st June as they should have done. Was this the fault of teachers or parents? And if parents didn’t send their children to school was it because they were frightened of the virus or (more likely) that they refused to send their children into a scary environment where the teachers were likely to be wearing masks, gloves and plastic smocks.

12. The UK Government has introduced quarantine for travellers with absolutely no scientific basis for the decision. I suggested in March that if the Government were serious about the risk they should close our borders. The current quarantine plan is miles too late and useless. It will, however, destroy the tourist industry, the airline industry and much of the economy.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 5th 2020

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