Oxford: ‘There Is No Scientific Evidence For COVID Two Metre Rule’

There is actually no real scientific proof that social distancing or the wearing of face masks prevent the spread of COVID. That has not deterred Technocrats from spinning up pseudo-science to the contrary, and calling it real science. These science frauds must be exposed and eliminated. ⁃ TN Editor

While other countries and societies are getting back to life as normal, in Britain, the social distancing folly continues. For whatever reason, UK government officials seem desperate to cling to the crisis, and impose new restrictions every week which are only really effective at one thing: hampering business and trade.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains confused on the issue, and for some reason can’t seem to fully let go of the sacred “two metre rule”.

It’s become a farce of historic proportions. As a general rule, the government has resisted any demands by businesses to reduce the government’s arbitrary limit from 2 metres to 1 metre. This would have greatly helped businesses to avoid expensive health and safety compliance and reopen this summer.

While the government and its science team dither back and forth, the economy continues to crater, and unemployment is spiralling.

Meanwhile, scientists from the vaunted committee of experts known as ‘SAGE’ (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), are busy issuing warnings to ministers that the public will need to wear masks and also ‘minimise their time together’ if they sit closer than 2 metres apart.

It’s already well-known by now according to real data and the experience of European countries – that the virus was seasonal and has already ‘left the building,’ and that the only demographic who were ever at any serious risk were elderly persons with chronic comorbidities, and more specifically, those residing in care homes.

Why are UK government officials still resisting relaxing social distancing measures? Has this become some sort of elaborate political face-saving exercise now, or is there a larger social engineering agenda in motion?

The hope remains that more real science and sober analysis will coontinue emerging which can hopefully influence the government to return to reality, and put the incredible COVID lockdown debacle behind it. But can they?

The UK Telegraph reports…

The two-metre rule has no basis in science, leading scientists have said as the Government comes under increasing pressure to drop the measure.

Writing for The Telegraph, Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, from the University of Oxford, said there is little evidence to support the restriction and called for an end to the “formalised rules”.

The University of Dundee also said there was no indication that distancing at two metres is safer than one metre.

The intervention comes as two Government ministers suggested on Monday that the rule is likely to be relaxed following a review commissioned by Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister.

On Tuesday, shops experienced daily footfall drops of 41 percent compared to the same day last year, while enormous queues built up outside because of social distancing requirements.

Examining the current evidence for the two-metre rule, Prof Heneghan and Prof Jefferson looked at 172 studies cited in a recent review in The Lancet and found just five had dealt explicitly with coronavirus infection in relation to distance. Only one mentioned coming within six feet of a patient, and that paper showed proximity had no impact.

“Queueing outside shops, dodging each other once inside, and not getting too close to other people anywhere: social-distancing has become the norm,” they wrote. “The two-metre rule, however, is also seriously impacting schools, pubs, restaurants and our ability to go about our daily lives.

Oxford: ‘There Is No Scientific Evidence For COVID Two Metre Rule’


5 Responses to “Oxford: ‘There Is No Scientific Evidence For COVID Two Metre Rule’”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Closet Bolshevik Johnson & his government of collaborators would also have the public forced to wear “home made” masks on public transport and this to be enforced by an army of clockwork Hitler volunteers, Lenin would be so proud.

    A home made mask or even the commercially available ones is as effective as a chain link fence being used as a mosquito net. Therefore this can be seen as a behavioural manipulation exercise in submission of free will logos and reason designed to enforce irrational compliant behaviour and a deceitful narrative.

    The lie of Masks


  2. Prometheus says:

    The 2m rule was never about evidence just like there is no evidence the tests work as they are 80-90 percent false positive or just test for naturally occurring exosomes.

    2m rules, false/positive tests, unhealthy masks, social distancing, crashing the economy, creating chaos was about satanism and control.

    2m= 6foot 6.740158 inches which is roughly 6.66 (666).

    Also, the amount of 33’s in the news and mainstream media:

    They are rubbing it our faces with their freemasonic/satanic Covid ritual trying to create order out of chaos.

    You look at Melinda Gates wearing an upside down cross. The fact they are desperately trying to sacrifice as many people with their vaccines to Satan.

  3. Aldous says:

    Are these useless idiots worth saving or even worrying about? They buy into every aspect of this unprecedented fraud and psyop. They’re very easy to spot.
    They’re usually wearing a stupid (and pointless) mask for one thing and often wheezing if not gasping for breath because of it. I avoid eye contact with them whenever possible and move around the shop/store as if they didn’t exist.

    By far the worst types are those who also blindly step into the road (when the sidewalk is plenty wide enough) to avoid getting too close (in their programmed mind) to someone, even though there is fast moving traffic coming up right behind them!
    I wonder how many have been injured or killed as a result of this insane behaviour?

  4. Aldous says:

    I see the masks (packs of 10 where I live) have started to appear at store checkouts. it works out $1.50 a mask or something. Unbelievable but I bet many will be hoarding them like loo rolls.
    Probably made out of recycled disposable diapers at some slave factory in Wuhan.

  5. bigyam80 says:

    This coronavirus is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of. It’s very dangerous the way it spreads.

    It is so mysterious the way it lurks in schools, but then dies at Home Bargains.

    It can wreak havoc in pubs and restaurants! Although it’s mind-boggling how it vanishes at the beach or in the park. Yet, standing to watch a marathon or at a gig or festival triggers its wrath.

    It is sneaky. It can spread when buying clothes at Primark but not at Tesco’s or Asda.

    It is non-alcoholic. It can’t spread when you are buying beer.

    It lives for 24 hours on Amazon boxes, you must wait 24 hours to touch them but it can’t survive on takeaway coffee cups, so enjoying a hot latte is safe.

    It is the most curious thing, how it lives on footballs, tennis rackets and ballet bars, but dies on shopping trolleys and food.

    It is spread by hair stylists, dog groomers, and dentists, but not by bank machines, cashiers, and fast food workers.

    It’s so smart. It won’t bother the first 6 people that get together but it knows when the 7th person shows up so be careful if that’s you.

    It even knows what you want vs what you need. If you want a massage or your nails done it is very actively on the prowl and not even a mask can stop it. If you need a plumber, it is weak, and a mask will keep it away.

    It also seems to be most dangerous after 5:30pm so businesses must start to close before the virus comes out and wreaks havoc upon the populations.

    Whoever heard of such a smart sneaky virus?!?

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