NYPD escalate violence. Protesters seek justice in peace.

This the the first hand account of Brooklyn last night that I tried to post just now.

Up later than intended tonight because of the police helicopters hovering overhead. The NYPD have barricaded our block for the last three days because they’re using it to park their vans and marshal their riot squads. I’m seeing videos of cops charging unarmed protestors; gangs of cops with their badge numbers covered beating protestors with batons; cops spraying bystanders with pepper spray, all happening only a block or two away.

I’ve personally seen protestors de-escalate again and again, including deterring would-be “looters” (probably more like would-be window smashers), while the NYPD are repeatedly and deliberately escalating this situation. If you are seeing Brooklyn in the news, understand that people are marching for justice and the police are creating the violence.

All of this is just more evidence that we desperately need to completely re-think what policing means in this country, how we do it, and who we hire to do it. And, of course, keep dismantling white supremacy.

From my relative who lives in Brooklyn

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