Making contact with another world – in case it isn’t contacting you!

ANCIENT TRIBES had a leader called the MOSHIAH – a person who had deep-tissue massage with CROCODILE FAT that had been char-grilled since a child. This special ‘Messeh fat’ contains a remarkable molecule which keeps the telomeres inside the chromosomes from shortening with age… Thus the Moshiah, or ‘Messiah’ was thought to be ‘IMMORTAL’…

CHRIS EVERARD’s massive book & film revealing the astonishing secret history of alchemy, conciousness and telepathic-psychedelic communion with ancient gods is now available in a fully illustrated edition – with 30+ color photos and 100+ black and white illustrations, 500 pages, weighing nearly a kilo – this is a mammoth book.

Also includes a two hour documentary filmed in the Great Pyramid on 2 x DVDs. 

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STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a book and a documentary filmed in Egypt

Cannabis, Opium & Mushroom crops in the ancient world were not just about growing hemp rope, paper fibres, food and seed-oil, these crops were grown so that ancient man could make contact with another world. A psychic world. A world inhabited by their dead forefathers and tribal elders…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is the first book to piece together the pharmacological history of Shamanism & Alchemy… And traces the teachings of non-physical entities into an ‘extraterrestrial void’ described in the Kabbalah.

TAP – The other worlds also get in contact with us – what people call the ‘paranormal’.   That is actually incorrect.  It is normal for other worlds to contact us.  It’s just that we don’t realise that other worlds exist, or deny their existence, and as a result misinterpret what is happening to us.  For more details, read my book, original title Angels & Devils, My Extraordinary Life.  Marketing presents it as a business book which it is, but there is also valuable spiritual and dimensional content.