Labour voters in the UK are being played by the israel lobby

Labour voters in the UK are being played by the israel lobby …..

israeli controlled Labour party ousts “anti-semite” Rebecca Long Bailey on false premise. Daily Mail complicit in its biased pro israel reporting a five year old could prove that actress Peake’s tweet had some merit.

Krav Maga an israeli “martial art”.

As we can see from the 2nd video on the page below “knee on the neck” a technique made in israel !

Urban Tactics Krav Maga
Turning Lambs Into Lions – a site for everything Krav Maga, Self Defense and Martial Artists

Understanding Use of Force: Why Police NEED “Knee-on-Neck” and “Choke Holds”
Posted: June 16, 2020 by Jonathan Fader in Crime Analysis, Current Events, Krav Maga Opinions, Training
Tags: all lives matter, Black lives matter, Blue Lives Matter, Change, Chokehold, George Floyd, Jonathan Fader, Knee on Neck, Krav Maga, Police, Police Training, Training, use of force

This is the third part in a series, starting with “Its Not So Black and White,” on the topic of police brutality, training, and various misconceptions thereof.

Biased reporting in the DM the editor of which is one of child molester Ghilsane maxwell’s party chums.