Jewish Dominance of The African Slave Trade.

Jewish Dominance Of The African Slave Trade

Christians for Truth – Feb 3, 2020

Who was really behind the slave trade?

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Hint: It wasn’t the White Europeans who are being blamed for slavery today.

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Matthew Nolan: “If a slave auction fell on a Jewish festival, it was postponed due to lack of buyers and sellers.”

And it isn’t so-called ‘white supremacists’ who are exposing the Jewish domination of the slave trade: it’s Black intellectuals and scholars:
Professor Tony Martin – The Slave Trades
Marcus Garvey – “The African Slave Trade”
The following Black writer actually apologizes to White people for blaming them for the crimes of slavery committed by Jews:
Dontell Jackson – We Thought They Were White
Website: We Thought They Were White
Thomas Sowell: “The number of whites who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary Pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in America and in the American Colonies before that put together.”