In a nutshell: the covert attack

Suppressing the nation by suppressing production

by Fabian Ubiquitus

The ability of a nation to prosper, indeed to survive at all, depends upon its ability to produce goods and services for its own consumption or for exchange with other nations for the goods and services it does not itself produce.

There may be other factors but the harsh reality is that if it does not produce or is prevented from producing and to the degree to which that occurs, it will perish.

Any effort to inhibit or prevent production strikes at the ability of a nation to survive. It is a suppressive action, and a covert attack upon that nation.

The source of that covert attack can lie external to the nation or spring from within the nation.

Where the effort to inhibit or destroy production is carried out using the authority of government through suppressive edicts and laws enacted and enforced “for our own good”, we can see that the suppressive intent is that of persons or groups within the government operating either on their own agenda or willfully collaborating with the agenda of some other entity or agency or group.

We see this in operation at this time. We see it in the effort to stop production through the device of the Lockdown, enforced “for our own good” on the basis of false statistics, false data, false “science” and propagandised fears designed to elicit our cooperation in our own destruction.

We see it in the effort to string out the inhibition of production and the consequent economic and social destruction for as long as possible, long past the point where science, pretence, the examples of other nations or indeed common sense support it.

We can gauge the underlying intent by a think that looks not for ways to remove the stops and inhibitions on production and get it moving but instead for excuses to keep production inhibited.

Those who have engineered and are continuing to engineer this calamity, no matter their veneer of concern about “making us all safe”, are enemies of the nation or collaborators with enemies of the nation burrowed like parasites in the very body of governance.

They are not our friends and they do not have, no matter what they SAY, our best interests at heart.

To grant them credence, buy their mealy-mouthed justifications or make excuses for their destructive edicts makes us collaborators in our own destruction.

In a nutshell: the covert attack