Fauci’s medical fraud machine

Slowly, ever so painfully slowly, more
people are starting to wake up to the
politicized junk science that was used to
“sell” the shutdown.Even positive thinking guru Tony Robbins
put out a video about it last week about this
(two months  too late – but better late than never.)

What people still don’t seem to understand
– and Brasscheck is unique in making this
information available to the public – is that
this was a deliberate, calculated fraud carried
out under the experienced leadership of
one man who has “quarterbacked” scams
like this before.

This recording – made in 2014 – tells you
who he is and lays out in technicolor detail
how he works.

As we have been saying since March, this is not
his first rodeo.

ESSENTIAL information even if you think you
already know it.

And please share widely.

For reasons not clear to us, it is still the most
censored information on the Internet.

All news outlets – mainstream, “independent”.
and “radical” and even self-help gurus – are
missing it.

And we cannot put an end to this – and future
horrors – unless the public understands this
all important piece of the puzzle.



– Brasscheck TV