Face masks cut oxygen in your breath to hazardous levels

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/kenny.larson.12/videos/4199997636707319/?t=32″ width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

17.5 parts of oxygen recorded inside a mask.  You need a minimum of 19.5 to avoid headaches and other ill effects.

Normal read would be 20.5 in air.

Masks deprive you of oxygen even if you are sitting still.

No news channel will tell you.  If you are working or running, it will be far worse still.  VIDEO.

facebook are saying it’s false but there is a simple on camera reading.  You decide.



4 Responses to “Face masks cut oxygen in your breath to hazardous levels”

  1. Derek says:

    There’s no link Henry.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If you wait it should arrive Derek. It’s a facebook file. I’ll search YT in case it’s also on there. https://youtu.be/3hGJ2D7Rqc8

  3. Aldous says:

    Hi Tap and All.


    ‘Along the full stretch of coastline, 33 tonnes of waste were cleaned up on Thursday morning’

    ‘Visitors swarmed to Britain’s beaches as the country sweltered in its two hottest days of the year so far, peaking at 32.6C (90.68F) yesterday and 33.3C’

    A friend just sent me that link and I also couldn’t help but notice the 33 number.
    The Sky piece of absolute crap is an obvious hatchet job on normal people and normal behaviour.

  4. Aldous says:

    Vikki Slade is obviously a Common Purpose ‘graduate’ otherwise she wouldn’t have the job in the first place.


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