Dr. Coleman: Our Govts Want Us Dead – The Denial of Hospital Care

ER Editor:  We’ve provided our notes to this 20-minute video below, but recommend watching it in its entirety.

We remind readers of a Rosemary Frei, James Corbett interview on the topic of extermination of the ‘elderly’ (which is getting defined differently over time). See How the High ‘Covid’ Death Rate in Care Homes Was Created on Purpose [VIDEO].

This extermination ‘approach’, carried out under the virus plandemic, has clearly become a matter of global health policy and part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, mentioned by Dr. Coleman below. And it doesn’t simply apply to the elderly but the very sick, too, who may not be ‘old’.

  • What were the intentions of the virus pandemic hoax? Dr. Coleman’s prediction: preparing for a mandatory vaccination program and demonizing / marginalizing the elderly. We were told the elderly were to be protected. It was a lie.
  • At the start, it was clear that the virus wasn’t more of a threat than the ‘flu.
  • 650,000 people globally can be killed by the ‘flu virus. The coronavirus has killed nowhere near that many.
  • Governments around the world have used the virus to trigger a mass extermination program. The elderly have been targeted and eliminated through this virus event globally.
  • Sick, elderly people were sent into care homes, where many deaths then occurred. They were used as trojan horses. Are ALL our politicians simply very incompetent? No. This policy was global, a sure indicator of malicious intent. This was a massive and co-ordinated extermination program, which has saved governments BILLIONS in healthcare costs and pensions. This has been a true holocaust.
  • Residents in care homes are there precisely because they have serious health problems. Also, they don’t eat well and don’t exercise, so their immune systems are shot. Yet governments still sent people into care homes who were believed to be sick with covid. You would never do this with suspected ‘flu cases. Also, care home staff had no idea about barrier nursing, and were themselves terrified of getting the disease. Some simply ran away: 40% of staff in France just disappeared during this time.
  • As we know, most of the virus deaths occurred in these homes. And many of the deaths occurred among the elderly because of THIRST, not of the virus. In England and Wales over 11 weeks, 50,000 care home deaths occurred, double the expected the number. These people need not have died. Perhaps 100,000 – 150,000 elderly may have been effectively murdered globally during March to May as a result of this deliberate policy. This is likely a conservative estimate. Normally this should inspire intense anger, so why haven’t there been demonstrations about the murder of old people?? We’d be protesting wildly if people had been killed because of their gender or skin color.
  • It’s been the worst mass slaughter of the elderly in modern history. But this isn’t anything new. Euthanasia is now practiced around the world, with the elderly being the majority of victims. The Liverpool Care Pathway in the UK permitted medical staff to withhold food, water and essential medical treatment to those over 65, who were regarded as an expensive, expendable nuisance.
  • This LCP has now been replaced with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, which are globalDoctors and hospitals are now permitted to discriminate against people over 70 who, if they die, cannot be said to have died prematurely and therefore do not count in national healthcare assessments. Governments love this rule because it gives the state a chance to get rid of citizens who are of pensionable age and therefore a financial burden. In Netherlands, elderly aren’t admitted to intensive care anymore, nor are much likely to be hospitalized. Treatment, including drugs, food and water, is likely to be withheld from the over-65s according to a survey. Elderly are also likely to be routinely killed through withholding treatment in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Age is now a criterion for triage.
  • Doctors were accused in the US back in 2015 of withholding treatment from elderly patients. Michael Bloomberg said that America should deny healthcare to the elderly. In Canada, patients are buried without a post-mortem. In the UK in 2005, hospital patients with ‘little hope of recovery’ were to be allowed to die. This phrase means nothing. Patients can always get better who are deemed to have ‘little hope of recovery’ – all doctors know this. Blair’s government permitted this because of the need to cut costs.
  • Depriving the elderly patient who cannot reach for their own food and water is common.
  • Elderly with macular degeneration are denied needed drugs because they’re considered expendable.
  • In the 1930s, elderly patients in Nazi Germany were denied basic care!
  • The next step is to kill off people with expensive illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, leaving hospital beds for those who want cosmetic surgery and infertility treatments. But how could we do this? Simply shut off the hospitals to sick people except to those millions with the coronavirus! Which is precisely what’s happened. It’s like introducing the death penalty by the back door, except we’ll be killing the innocent, not guilty.
  • In the UK, soon 10 million people will be waiting for treatment in hospital. 2.5 million cancer patients are waiting for treatment while hospitals are still shut for the coronavirus due to social distancing and other rules. What if this is a plan to get rid of people who need care? Is this part of the great ‘Reset’ plan vaunted by Prince Charles?
  • Eugenics is part of this.
  • But don’t the elderly need the costly Big Pharma products? That’s settled through mass vaccination programs, which will reap them billions.
  • The young need to remember that they’ll get old themselves. And the definition of ‘old’ will shift downward. The cutoff age is 70 in some countries, 65 in others. This will change in the coming years to 60, 55, etc., where the new ‘elderly’ will be denied basic care. It’s euthanasia but also eugenics, population control, etc.

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