CORONAVIRUS – and how they are controlling your mind – (only if you let them!)


26 June, 2020

“On March 17th Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the UK’s National Health Service, sent out this letter to the chairs of every NHS trust, as well as GP surgeries and other NHS providers that explains how billions will be spent. Including:

Nationally we are now in the process of block-buying capacity in independent hospitals.

“Which means paying private hospitals to keep beds empty.

Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money

From 2004 to 2014 Sir Simon Stevens (above) was a senior executive at UnitedHealth Group. Initially appointed president of UnitedHealth Europe, he became CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s $30 billion Medicare business, and then corporate Executive Vice President and president of its global health businesses spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He also was a director of Brazil’s largest hospital group AMIL.

Sir Simon Stevens continued –

“Additional funding to cover your extra costs of responding to the coronavirus emergency … financial constraints must not and will not stand in the way of taking immediate and necessary action

“Which means that the more a hospital ‘responds’ to the ’emergency’ – ie. the more tests they run, the more non-Covid patients they discharge to make room for the ‘surge’, and the more operations they cancel – the more money they get.

Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money

“Wasting millions of pounds ‘bulk buying’ bed space in private hospitals and contracting emergency ‘Nightingale’ hospitals to do nothing but stand empty – as well as a host of ‘estimated expenditures’ and other ‘reimbursements’ – well, that starts to reak of corruption, perhaps even embezzling. 
Bill Mitchell

Mar 29, 2020

Are hospitals in your area “overwhelmed” as the panic master’s claim?
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Chris Michael
Not at all. My wife is a nurse in Chicago. Media is lying about everything.

Denver airport.

“Congressman Eliot Engel, chair of the USA’s House Foreign Affairs Committee, has bragged that he sits down with the rightwing pro-Israel organization AIPAC on ‘every piece of legislation coming out of the Foreign Affairs Committee.'”Engel bragged, ‘I sit down with AIPAC on every piece of …UK Labour leader sacks MP who highlighted Israel training of US police force.

Rebecca Long-Bailey was sacked from the shadow cabinet amid accusations of anti-Semitism.



“Children aged between seven and eight, were taught the ‘COVID-19 song’ at Bogangar Public School in Tweed Heads in northern NSW in Australia for a month.

“This is nothing but mind control to instill fear and conformity.”

Anonymous writes –

We haven’t had a case of Covid-19 in 5 weeks in Dumfries & Galloway.

Dumfries and Galloway – killed off by the Scottish National Party government in Edinburgh.

During the scamdemic, the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary has had a ‘lower than expected demand for beds.’

It is not busy.

“There are currently no patients at all in the small Annan Hospital.”Moffat Cottage Hospital has been temporarily closed.”

The cottage hospitals in Kirkcudbright and in Newton Stewart may become permanently closed.

Above – Maria and Ektaterina Putin in the early 2000s.

UK School children under 15 have just a 3.5MILLION-to-one chance of dying from coronavirus and are more likely to be hit by lightning.

Analysis of data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) by Sir David Spiegelhalter, from the University of Cambridge, shows that the risk of Covid-19 to children is extremely low.

School children under 15 

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·5h

‘COVID Cases Transferred to Nursing Homes to Inflate Deaths.

‘A third of COVID hoax deaths were in nursing homes where patients were literally murdered for profit.’

The Lockdown came to Mumbai.

Many workers and handymen, migrant labourers, fled the city.

These were the men who cleared the drains of silt so that the rains don’t cause flooding and water-borne diseases such as leptospirosis.

These were the sanitation workers who used to spray neighbourhoods with mosquito repellent  to prevent malaria, dengue fever and chikungunya.

Mumbai discovers life isn’t so sweet without the workers

The rainbow image is used in mind control.

Esther Rantzen and her friend Jimmy Savile who ran child abuse rings.

BBC – full day of interviews with Esther Rantzen and Sam Faiers discussing
@NSPCC Childline’s new data showing an increase of under-11’s that are being counselled for mental health issues during this time, whilst also encouraging parents to join the Rainbow Trail.

Good Broadcast@good_broadcast·20h

Brilliant model of the Titanic. And some rainbows.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service@CheshireFire

We’re flying the rainbow flag at our fire stations to show our support to all those who are working hard to keep us safe.

Mind control by the Powers-that-Be, using rainbows and fear?

“The mind virus took root and people begged for their enslavement.”

“This is the ‘Compliance and Re-programming phase’.

“It must run for at least a year, people will simply give up their ideals – about cultural and social events, school, sports, travel, medical freedom.”


Henry Makow@HenryMakow·5h

Our reality is their magic spell. Take the scamdemic for example. They’re indulging in Black Magic, and we’re playing along?

Brian Gerrish@briangukc·12 May

Above – UK Government document calling for need to ramp up fear of COVIDー19 in the public so as to increase public adherence to gov’t policy.

Note sections on fear coercion and turning communities against each other to help gov’t policy.


The Coronavirus story is part of a plot to control your mind?

An unknown group is spreading horror stories in order to mind-control us?

Tracey Z and the nurses who never died – OffGuardian

In April 2020 a twitter user in the UK called Traceyz18 tweeted the following message:

“I feel so upset. 2 nurses who were in the intenstive therapy unit in Swansea have died today. 

“3 more still ventilated. All from the same unit. My heart is breaking.”

The official twitter of Swansea’s National Health Service trust eventually responded:

“This is incorrect. We have not had any nurse deaths in our intenstive therapy and your tweet is causing anxiety.”

Traceyz18’s tweet lines up with the media scare-stories about how NHS staff are in terrible danger (when they’re not).

The original lie had over 3000 retweets and nearly 10,000 likes before the correction was even posted.

The correction, despite being up for over a month longer, still has less than 1/5th that number.

Tracey Z and the nurses who never died – OffGuardian

Who is inventing stories about Covid19?

In 2015 the UK announced the formation of the 77th brigade.

Does it promote the coronavirus scam?

Tracey Z and the nurses who never died – OffGuardian

Well-known Italian writer, Br. Alexis Bugnolo, states: “Italians are still trying to understand why Bergamo, of all the cities of Italy, is the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic…”

“One factor may be that the city was vaccinated en mass not once, but twice, in the 2 months preceding the Coronavirus outbreak in the city.”

Bill Gates, HR6666, Remdesivir, Deaths in Italy

MKUltra is the project by the CIA, and its friends, to mind control large numbers of people.

“The project has been coordinated with the United States Army Biological Warfare Laboratories.

“MKUltra has manipulated its subjects’ mental states and brain functions.”

The Coronavirus event appears to be a mind control event?

“MK Ultra techniques have included the use of chemicals, electroshocks, hypnosissensory deprivation, isolation, as well as other forms of torture.

MKUltra has operated in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.”

Project MKUltra – Wikipedia

Who is behind the coronavirus event?

Who is trying to control us?

Why have the police been keeping children under lockdown?

Kurt Lewin

In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up to study the ‘breaking point’ of humans. 

(Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton)

In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute.

Kurt Lewisn studied the use of terror to achieve mind control.

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