Britain’s real government, not the fake one, is eugenics crazy.

Sedwill’s poison policies have resulted in eugenics and wall to wall multiagency failure. #SACKSEDWILL.

The National Leadership Centre has created a network for the most senior leaders in public service. Its purpose is to connect people from across every sector and region, in order to help improve public services. The public service leaders in the network include:

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in the National Health Service, including NHS Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, and Clinical Commissioning Groups.
University Vice-Chancellors
Heads of large Further Education Colleges and Academy Chains
Local Authority CEOs
Police Chief Constables
Fire Chiefs
Civil Service Permanent Secretaries and Director Generals
Three star Military officers
CEOs of large Housing Associations
CEOs of large Arms Length Bodies and Regional Transport Authorities

Within these categories, membership depends on the scale of an organisation, amount of public funding and how many citizens it serves.

Research shows that the higher ranking a leader becomes, the more potential there is for that person to become exposed and isolated in their role. Supporting leaders to build cross-sector connections gives them the opportunity to share ideas, ask for help from their peer group, and work together to tackle strategic problems that need a multi-agency response.

Leaders Acting Beyond Authority — the Common Purpose mantra …

Events across the country

The National Leadership Centre brings leaders together through national, regional and small group events. This allows peers to make time, outside formal governance or partnership structures, to work together to address the most complex and pressing problems that they face.

#SACKSEDWILL before we become Soviet East Germany.

How well have monopoly capitalists Amazon done from the Sedwill imposed lockdown ?

The National Leadership Forum 2020 brought together around 400 Chief Executive-level leaders from across the public sector for the first time ever.

Attendees heard from high-profile expert speakers on leadership and systems thinking, including:

Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill

Head of Amazon in the UK Doug Gurr

Mayor of Tulsa G.T. Bynum


Common Purpose sedition note the use of the CP “making a difference” mantra.

“We support leaders to become more adaptive, connected, open, informed, focused and ethical. In doing so, we are empowering the next generation of leaders to make an even bigger difference to the lives of citizens across the country.
Kristina Murrin, CBE

CEO, National Leadership Centre
The programme will seek to transform the leadership of public services by:

providing leaders with insights and experience from some of the world’s foremost academics, practitioners and leaders
delivering opportunities to learn from real-time simulations
facilitating internationally acclaimed analysis, insight and guidance into participants’ leadership styles and how they can develop and progress
building a strong network of leaders who have a wide understanding of the work and challenges of their public sector peers

Would you like to take part in the flagship NLC Programme?

We welcome applications from outstanding Chief Executives (and equivalent) of publicly funded organisations delivering public services.

Given the seniority and capability of our cohort, we will take around 100 delegates each year who we expect to be recognised as some of the best leaders in their field or sector. This includes, but is not exclusive to:

Chief Executives of County Councils, London Boroughs and Unitary Authorities
NHS Chief Executives and Regional Directors
University Vice Chancellors
CEOs of large academy chains and Principals of major Further Education colleges
Civil Service Director Generals
Chief Constables
Chief Fire Officers
CEOs of major housing providers
Senior 2 and 3 military officers

This programme is aimed at people who are less than 2 years into their first CEO role.

If you are at a different point in your career, but nevertheless feel that you would benefit from this programme and provide an outstanding return on our investment, we would like to hear from you.


2 Responses to “Britain’s real government, not the fake one, is eugenics crazy.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    UK Cabinet Office National Leadership Centre NLC promotes own COVID conspiracy theory.

    Also promotes BLM political movement & advises protestors on attending protests despite govt “stay ay home” advice.

    links here
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    What to consider before having sex in a pandemic.
    Getting the coronavirus twice is highly unlikely (in the short term).
    Coronavirus may be a blood vessel disease, which explains everything.

    IDF ambassador Tommy Robinson reported in London for media driven pre-staged protest now fancy that 🙂

  2. Tapestry says:

    Now there’s no chance of the virus spreading they want the herd out there splitting itself into fractions – class, race, gender – anything they can lay their hands on. Once the virus failed to cause enough deaths they started the lockdown to stop people getting infected and acquiring immunity. That probably also failed. Their next virus attack will no doubt bear similarities to the most recent attempt and our immune systems might become immune to SARS-COVID attacks if they don’t lockdown their failures as they just have. They must be devastated at their failure to kill enough victims with COVID-19. However 5G has been installed in many more places during the lockdown and sickness from that source might well become more prevalent as people don’t have a way to defend themselves yet from 5G. You need a 5G phone to detect when you are getting signal and then high tail out of wherever you are.

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