Boris surrenders to Gates and the vaccine cartel.

by John Stone

This is the moment of national humiliation that we somehow did not see on our television sets last night: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson surrendering to Bill Gates and the vaccine cartel, GAVI, hailed by him as the new NATO – while he speaks from a nation on its knees like Vichy France. While British news after months of wall to wall Coronavirus suddenly, mysteriously became obsessed with the 13 year old saga of Madeleine McCann almost no one saw Johnson’s insipid, but rhetorically overblown speech at the end of the global summit he hosted in London yesterday and chaired with Gates.

No one knew when they were electing Johnson that they were electing Gates and putting the vaccine industry at the heart of the British nation’s future. It was particularly galling to see him extol the already failed Oxford COVID vaccine as an example of British innovation. This is presumably where we were headed from the moment lockdown was announced. The meeting elicited a short mention at the end of the BBC 10 o’clock news and was not mentioned on the front pages of any of the national newspapers this morning. If GAVI is the new NATO, and the focus of British national destiny perhaps the moment should not have been news managed out of existence. Now everything that our lives were worth has to be surrendered in an endless war against disease long ago devised by Mr Gates. In Gates’s brave new world everyone will have to have vaccines like computer patches every five minutes, and when they don’t work – if we are still standing – we will have to have another.


John Stone is UK Editor of Age of Autism


5 Responses to “Boris surrenders to Gates and the vaccine cartel.”

  1. ian says:

    To comment on the article, why do people still socially distance even though they know it is a scam. Everybody else believes it, so if you don’t, it means total conflict. I was challenged this week by a bruiser of a guy, for standing in his square on a supermarket floor. It aint easy guys.

  2. Tapestry says:

    They tried to assassinate Boris once so he’ll be on his best behaviour. Maybe Cummings will floor the whole thing by cocking it up by mistake on purpose. He’s good at that sort of thing.

    • ian says:

      Yes indeed Henry, it’s easy being brave sitting at home. It was a favourite special forces technique in Ireland during the troubles. Take you to a lonely place at night handcuffed and hooded, get you out kneeling down, load the gun then “click”, After warning that next time was for real. It would certainly affect your decision making. Hopefully Dom’ Cummings can scuttle things.

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