The Great Reset – human freedoms to end.

He calls it ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ – Schwab at Davos’ Economic Forum.

Coronavirus lockdown has created the downturn required to slide in The Great Reset.  Getting rid of the old economic system.

Charles at 7 minutes.

Massive fiscal stimulus – to create a greener, fairer, more equal, sustainable world – using the carbon price as the incentive for investment in the future.

A new social contract, living in harmony with nature and the rollout of the fourth industrial revolution.  Merging man with machine, artificial intelligence.

Mandatory vaccination.

Humans are no longer to be seen as a natural life form – transhumanism.

Redistribution of wealth.  Control grid.  We will be unable to control our own thoughts and emotions.

The virus is the excuse to implement the digital financial system of control.

Digital identity.  Global governance.  We the people get no say as the technocrats have decided that humanity will no longer be human at all.