You do the Hokey Fauci

You know him from his starring
role in “CoVid Theater.”

Some people are aware that he
was the lead man is selling – and
perpetuating for 36 years – the
AIDS Hoax.

And we’ve shown you his role in
the Swine Flu Hoax.

(Is anyone else anywhere educating
you about these things?)

Here are snippets of two of
Fauci’s lesser known “hits”:

Zika and Ebola.

Those were his too.

Do you see a pattern?


– Brasscheck TV
TAP – When you think about it, we’ve spent much of our lives living in fear of new diseases.   All of them are being manufactured and distributed and advertised by one person?  It seems they might be.  And all are fake?  People are dying but their deaths are being brought about through interventions – vaccines mostly.  Very few through natural process.