5 Responses to “Who controls the Gates family?”

  1. ian says:

    An additional thought. If unvaccinated people are a threat to those who are vaccinated, then what good is being vaccinated. ?

    • Gordon says:

      An ex neighbour of mine said to me yesterday, ” It’s people like you that pass germs to everybody.” I responded, “People like you are frightened of the day you’ll never see.”
      I could tell he had a problem trying to figuring it out.

      • ian says:

        Indeed Gordon, some of the people are unbelievably easy for the media to control. Yet feel superior to those of us who can see through the lies.

  2. Gordon says:

    Response to Ian.

    The same thinks he’s so clever having a degree but his mind is closed. He swears by The Daily Mail, the BBC and our Government whom by his definition, like himself, is always right.

    We have to accept that there are and always will be people whom are beyond redemption and more to be pitied than laughed at.

    • ian says:

      I smiled when I read that Gordon. They’re the worst. My youngest brother is the exact same. Educated had a well paid job with a great pension. He will not even consider any alternatives to the mainstream. No thinking, just do as you’re told, easy. Most Doctors, dentists etc are the same. Vaccines are good, fluoride is good, mercury is harmless, as is Roundup, and chemtrails are just a conspiracy theory.

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