Vernon Coleman, on Corona virus.

Whilst Vernon Coleman and others are easy watching, I believe that the government made no mistakes or blunders. This debacle, is working out as it was planned to work out. The owners, the real owners, are controlling this from the top, and it is far from over. Testing and tracking will follow, probably shutting down neighbourhoods for weeks. When wave 2 is sprayed on us, we  will be going cashless with our vaccination passports needed to buy food or drive, fly, etc. Facial recognition is coming along with a 5G weapon control system,  currently being drummed into the masses, as conspiracy nonsense,  by MSM paid liars. Incidentally 5G will be fibre optic in Israel, all the benefits without the risk, no problem when the US is paying. It is being speculated by many that the vaccine from Kill Bill the eugenicist, is very likely to at least kill fertility if not the patient. I get the feeling, and unfortunately that’s all it is, that the US is the main take down target this time, and we might be ok until wave two in September”apparently”, September is getting bandied about as the likely date of the next “surprise” wave????  The Chinese curse which goes, “May you live in interesting times” seems quite apt.

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