The Smoke-and-Mirrors pandemic in a nutshell

in a nutshell


For the meek shall inherit the Earth but only to the degree that they will be buried under it.

by Fabian Ubiquitus

I predicted a while ago that:

  • The government will string the Lockdown out for as long as possible – even long after the “pandemic” has proven to be nowhere near as dangerous or fatal as we were fooled into believing it to be – so as to cause the maximum amount of discomfort and essentially bring the country to its knees economically.
  • The media’s habitual fear porn, flanked by government pronuciamentoes of the same flavour, will endeavour to keep the fear going as long as possible even in the teeth of a storm of evidence that they have been, and are, lying.
  • Just when everybody is fed up and desperate enough and the country is virtually on its knees,  along will come Bill Gates or one of the Vaccine Death Cult crew with a vaccine that will “solve all our problems!”
  • The vaccine will not “solve all our problems” but will, on the contrary, create new ones on top of those created by the COV19 psyop.
  • The vaccine will be partially or completely untested or un-trialed, a negligence “excused” by the propaganda of the fake emergency that is going on.
  • There thus not will be suffienct testing and trials to ensure its safety. Gates, of course, has a history of killing large numbers of people with dodgy vaccines. This was done in the Third World where he got away with it, hence the drive via the Lockdown to turn developed countries into Third World countries.
  • The vaccine will be booby-trapped with toxins such as aluminium, mercury, formaldehyde etc and quite possibly a mocrochip so we can all be tracked and monitored like farmyard livestock.
  • Whoever is responsible for the vaccine will be indemnified against charges arising from injury or death resulting from recklessly injecting large numbers of human beings with improperly tested or improperly safety-verified chemical concoctions. In  other words, if their vaccine kills you or someone you love, they’ll get away with it.
  • They will also make lots and lots and lots of money as they profiteer upon human fear and misery.
  • Vaccination probably won’t be compulsory but will be rigged so that those who don’t vaccinate it will be given a very hard time and it wil thus be as good as compulsory.
  • The game is to make everyone fed up enough and desperate enough and, thanks to the efforts of the government and the media, spooked enough that they will readily accept the new vaccine without looking too closely at what is in it and the health risks involved.

In many respects this caper is a work of criminal genius in so far as it is intended to have people demanding to be given a dodgy but immensely profitable vaccine rather than the more difficult task of trying to forcing it on them.

Similarly, it is geared to having people give up their rights and freedoms voluntarily rather than having to take them away by force. The difference is essentially that of the difference between a bank job and a con job.

I’ve seen nothing yet to disabuse me of the idea that this, in essence, is the game plan.

I’m still hoping.

We have nothing to lose by uniting and fighting back and everything to lose by doing nothing and meekly letting these criminals walk all over us.

The meek shall inherit the Earth only to the degree that they will be buried under it.