In the Sicilian city of Ravanusa, 33-year-old Dario Musso drove down the street with a megaphone, wanting to wake up his fellow citizens to the cry of “The pandemic is not deadly! Come out, take off your masks! Open up the stores!”

All witnesses claim that he was perfectly sane, simply outraged.

He was arrested by the Carabinieri (one of Italy’s main law enforcement agencies) and sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he was bound to a bed for 4 days, drip fed and sedated.

The hospital refuses to give out any information.

According to Article 21 of the Italian Constitution: “Everyone has the right to freely express his/her thoughts in speech, writing, and by other communication” and to Article 22: “Nobody may be forcefully submitted to medical treatment except as regulated by law. That law may in no case violate the limits imposed by the respect for the human being”.