The movie which awoke TWO BILLION PEOPLE

The Antichrist Conspiracy – the movie which awoke TWO BILLION PEOPLE

Remastered and extended version of THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY is now streaming on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL

“I wanted to make a movie which would be the first ever film to show people the GOETIA and GRIMOIRE books of black magic. The GOETIA is the ‘Bible” of Satanists. Before my film THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY was released, no one knew about Grimoires and hardly no one knew the word “ILLUMINATI” – well, they do now!” 

~ CHRIS EVERARD, British author & film director

“Mind Blowing!” ~ Nexus Magazine

“THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY was released on 06•06•06 – the 6th of June 2006 – it was specifically designed to throw a spanner in the Satanic Network of Secret Societies. AND IT WORKED!”

~ Huff Post

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The Conspiracy Files

Long, long before Prince Andrew, Bill Gates and many politicians, royals and celebrities befriended convicted pedophile JEFFREY EPSTEIN, senior members of the Royal Family starred in a BBC TV show hosted by imprisoned pedophile STUART HALL…

Hall’s show featured Prince Andrew – Hall appeared on the BBC alongside ROLF HARRIS, JIMMY SAVILE and Radio One DJ CHRIS DENNING – who have all earned fortunes from the BBC and have all been at the centre of a massive pedophile ring investigation by British police…

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“The Conspiracy Files” features JERI RICE, a Washington DC insider and Hollywood film director EDMUND DRUILHET. Together with author CHRIS EVERARD, the team investigates world events which the mainstream media fail to cover…

  • DID YOU KNOW that HITLER invented CHEMTRAILS? DID YOU KNOW that ELVIS PRESLEY’S favourite book was about aliens visiting prehistoric earth? DID YOU KNOW that President Gerald Ford was using a FAKE NAME all the time he was in the White House?

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