The medical cartel that rules the world is being exposed and they don’t like it

Tony Fauci has a LONG
record of cooking up scientific
frauds and working on behalf
of Pharma to politicize their
marketing messages.One of the “smoking guns”
is the 36 year old AIDS Hoax
which Fauci has stage managed
and used to extract hundreds
of billions of dollars from
the treasury on “make work”
research, testing and treatment
projects that have literally gone nowhere.

Immune systems can and do collapse
catastrophically – but the reason
Fauci & friend cooked up – is a
scientific fraud.

In fact, prevention is straightforward
and requires ZERO pharmaceutical input.

As we did with another researcher on this
much censored topic, we have organized
the work  of John Lauristen all in one place.

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– Brasscheck TV