The hero who broke us free of the lockdown

People think Dominic Cummings made a terrible blunder. Actually it was a strategic masterstroke.

Everyone has treated the row as a disaster for the Government. But perhaps it was all part of a brilliantly worked plan

Dominic Cummings
Dominic Cummings CREDIT: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Here’s a thought. For a whole week now, Dominic Cummings has been mocked and excoriated for his Covid road trip. The story has caused no end of grief for the Prime Minister, for the Government, and of course for Mr Cummings himself.

But what if this was his plan all along?

Think about it. This is a man, don’t forget, with a deserved reputation as a modern-day Machiavelli, a schemer supreme, a grandmaster of 4D chess. I posit, therefore, that Mr Cummings’s delightful motoring tour of northeast England was not, contrary to popular belief, a ruinous political blunder. Quite the reverse. It was, instead, a dazzling strategic masterstroke.

Let us place ourselves, for a moment, in the great man’s shoes. We see the devastation being wrought upon the British economy. We observe the despair of honest workers who through no fault of their own have lost their livelihoods. We note the misery of pensioners unable to see their grandchildren. The time has come, we decide, to end the lockdown, reopen the economy, and return everyone to normal life.

But how? Our characteristically persuasive messaging – “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” – has proven all too successful. Millions now appear terrified to leave their homes, or go to work, or send their children back to school. The Prime Minister, meanwhile, has grown frustratingly nervous about loosening restrictions. What is Westminster’s most brilliant thinker to do?

Simple. Break lockdown himself – and then, when the breach is inevitably exposed, refuse even to apologise.

The result: the British people are so indignant, so appalled at the injustice, the sense of “one rule for the elite and another for us”, that they refuse to accept lockdown a moment longer. It’s over.

And so, in a single, inspired move, Mr Cummings achieves precisely what he wanted.

The man’s a genius. But not just a genius. He’s also a hero. Think how selfless he has been.

In the interests of the British economy, Mr Cummings has willingly turned himself into a national laughing stock. He has permitted himself to become the butt of jokes about eye-tests for the rest of his life. He has even managed to radicalise the Daily Star, a newspaper that normally ignores politics altogether, and yet this week, for three days in a row, devoted its front page to ridiculing him without mercy – while giving away, to each of its 300,000 readers, a free Dominic Cummings mask (caption: “Can’t be —– to stick to the rules like the rest of us? Simply wear this handy Dom face covering and you’ll get away with murder”).

A strategist like Mr Cummings, you can be sure, will have war-gamed all the possible outcomes, and foreseen every word of the humiliation now being visited upon him. But, for the sake of the greater good, he went ahead with his plan anyway. Look what he was prepared to sacrifice. Obviously not his £99,000-a-year taxpayer-funded Government job, but, at any rate, his reputation. His reputation as a master of public relations. His reputation as the Conservative party’s most prized asset. His reputation as a man of above-average intelligence. He gave all of that up. For us.

He will never now receive the acclaim he deserves. But, for a man as noble as Mr Cummings, the knowledge that he has his served his country will be reward enough.



6 Responses to “The hero who broke us free of the lockdown”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    An excellent article that makes you wonder. Maybe the modern day Machiavelli really has pulled a master stroke. Certainly lockdown should be ended post haste and if he has deliberately tried to achieve that then it is a brilliant strategy.

    There is no reason to delay, the peak of the crisis was just after lockdown started. Intensive Care Unit stats show that daily admissions in England, Wales have declined by 95% since 31st March which was their peak day with 350 admissions. It,s down to about 20 a day now.

    Maybe the confected media outrage about Cummings has changed the public’s mindset. Something needed to because all the stats show that the under 15’s have a zero threat risk, the under 50’s risk is negligible too, so why no school? The under 70’s are fine unless they have comorbidities. In fact pretty well everyone who has no big medical issues is ok. So why still lockdown everyone, it makes no sense whatsoever

    He’s not been sacked either…… you’ve got to smile

    • Belyi says:

      And what about the over 70s, Pete? I would say that EVERYONE is fine as long as they’re in peak health and, from professional experience, that is far from the reality. Our health is our responsibility, not that of the medical profession or anyone else and there are vast amounts of information available on keeping it that way if we care to research..

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Yes I agree Belyi. I did say in the next sentence: “In fact pretty well everyone who has no big medical issues is ok”

        I also agree about our health being our own responsibility too. The medical cartel is a plague on humanity I think. And that is only possible because people sub contract responsibility to experts. Question one of those experts about the basis of his or her assertion and you usually get short shrift

  2. Aldous says:

    I would like to take some credit (along with others) for this article.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Credit where it is due Aldous! You called it 5 days before the Telegraph journo did

      I guess that we will never know the truth of it. Certainly the fact that GSK research headquarters are in Barnard Castle probably has some bearing. This has been highlighted by UK Column but is conspicuously absent from the mainstream coverage

  3. Aldous says:

    Aldous says:

    Just a thought but is Cummings being ‘ever so clever’ in exposing the Coronahoax and Lockdown/House Arrest/Financial Vandalism/Democide for the absolute fraud and theft/mass murder that it is?
    Is this why BoJo is irrationally backing him to the hilt?
    Cummings would have known that he would probably be spotted and possibly went out of his way to be seen.
    The fact that Cameron (allegedly) once referred to Cummings as a ‘career psycopath’ should make one suspicious that Cummings’ pro-Brexit credentials have made him a marked man.

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