Second legal challenge against UK lockdown launched

ONE of Britain’s richest businessmen has launched a legal challenge against the coronavirus lockdown, reports The Sun Newspaper.

Simon Dolan, who runs a string of firms, says PM Boris Johnson should ease restrictions and allow the UK economy to return to normal.

 Simon Dolan has launched a legal challenge against the coronavirus lockdown

Simon Dolan has launched a legal challenge against the coronavirus lockdown

 Dolan is demanding an end to 'draconian' restrictions

Dolan is demanding an end to ‘draconian’ restrictionsCredit: Francesco Guidicini – The Sunday Times

Lawyers for the entrepreneur – worth £141million on the Sunday Times Rich List – have formally notified ministers that he will pursue them through the High Court unless they end the “draconian” national quarantine.

If politicians do not respond by Thursday May 7, Mr Dolan will go to court demanding a judicial review.

Express adds

Accusing the Government of “paralysing the country” and causing “long term damage”,  he is calling on Boris Johnson to relax the current lockdown restrictions and introduce three key changes to allow the economy to recover.

This includes permitting gatherings of up to 100 people, reopening schools and reviewing the lockdown restrictions every two weeks.

Mr Dolan’s lawyers have sent a ‘Letter Before Action’ to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, giving him until Thursday May 7 to respond.

Lawyers seek to challenge the Government on three main points.

Firstly, whether the lockdown is unlawful because the Government implemented regulations under the Public Health Act 1984 instead of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 or the Coronavirus Act 2020.

Secondly over the legality of the continuation of lockdown regulation, and whether the tests are too narrow – failing to take account of the economic and social impacts of lockdown.

The final challenge will evaluate if the restrictions contravene the European Convention of Human Rights, which cover the right to liberty, family life, education and property.

As part of the application, Mr Dolan is also requesting the minutes of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) meetings this year.

The letter reads: “Failure to do so [release the minutes] will result in an application for disclosure if proceedings have to be issued.”

The legal challenge requires the Government to justify the decision-making process which led to the lockdown being introduced in March.

It will specifically ask about the scientific evidence and data used by ministers and civil servants to underpin the Government’s policy decisions.

If the Government fails to respond to the letter, Mr Dolan’s lawyers will apply for an urgent court hearing.

Mr Dolan, who owns ten UK businesses and employs 600 people, said: “Every day that the lockdown continues it is paralysing the country, wrecking the economy and causing long term damage.

“Boris Johnson has hinted at an exit strategy after declaring we are past the peak.

“But he has offered no timeframe and given himself a get out with the five tests. He seems determined to maintain the lockdown which was brought in on March 23.

“There is still no clarity on how he will get things moving again.

A crowdfunding page has also been set up, with aims to raise £30,000 to go towards legal fees.

So far Mr Dolan has reached over half of his fundraising target, raising £16,278.

Mr Dolan is represented by Michael Gardner of law firm Wedlake Bell LLP and barrister Francis Hoar of Field Court Chambers.

The campaign has backing from Erica Charles, Managing Director of Spirit Energy, a Berkshire based renewable energy company.

The Sun again –

Mr Dolan, 50, said: “The lockdown is paralysing the country, wrecking the economy and causing long-term damage.

“Boris Johnson has hinted at an exit strategy but he has offered no timeframe and given himself a get-out with the five tests.

“I want the government to explain and justify its decisions.

“I want to be assured that these measures are proportionate and lawful.

“It is vital that the frightening restrictions to our liberties are carefully thought through.”

He added: “Every life lost is a tragedy.

“But we have seen other nations deal with the pandemic effectively without such draconian measures.

“We are depriving children of a proper education and instead teaching them to hide away from uncertainty rather than to confront it.”

 Mr Dolan is challenging Boris Johnson to end the lockdown through the UK courts

Mr Dolan is challenging Boris Johnson to end the lockdown through the UK courtsCredit: PA:Press Association

Mr Dolan urged Mr Johnson to start by re-opening schools and allowing gatherings of up to 100 people.

His lawyers are challenging the government on three points: the legality of lockdown under UK law, whether it breaches human rights law, and if an exit strategy has been properly considered.

Lawyers will ask what scientific evidence was used by ministers when they decided to shut down the UK on March 23.

However, two-thirds of Brits are concerned about going out to large gatherings such as sports or music events, even after the lockdown is lifted, a new poll has revealed.

IPSOS Mori’s research showed that people are also worried about using public transport and going to bars and restaurants.

They feel least worried about going to see family and friends after restrictions are lifted, followed by shopping in supermarkets.

Brits are fairly evenly split on the issue of sending kids back to school.

The government has said it will not ease lockdown until it is sure the NHS can cope, there is a “sustained and consistent” fall in daily deaths, the rate of infection has decreased, there is enough PPE and there is no risk of a second wave.

You may prefer to back the first legal challenge which has received no media coverage for some reason – the one from Robin Tilbrook –


Dear Henry

If we are to remain FREE men and women we must challenge the government on this unprecedented lockdown and their ability to suspend our rights.

Regardless of the veracity or lack of in this case, the principle of democratic rule is at stake so I need YOUR help to challenge this government in court.

On 23rd April the English Democrats, the English nationalist political party, started a Judicial Review against the Prime Minister and Health Secretary. We are arguing that the Government’s “Lockdown” regulations are unlawful.

Attached on our site is our Judicial Review Protocol letter served in support of the challenge. The Government is expected to reply by 30th April.

Solicitor Robin Tilbrook, who is the Chairman of the English Democrats, said that:
“The Lockdown over the Coronavirus panic is causing huge damage to our country’s economy and to the traditional rights and freedoms of England.

Are you with me on this or should we simply allow 1,000 years of hard won freedoms simply to be ‘locked down’ by decree!


Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats


6 Responses to “Second legal challenge against UK lockdown launched”

  1. Tapestry says:

    This guy’s wealth is as nothing compared to the trillionaires who are locking us all down in readiness to make trillions more from their manufactured virus, which fortunately hasn’t worked as they hoped. It’s time they pulled back on their campaign and accepted they’ve failed apart from killing people with ventilators and morphine, categorising all deaths as coronavirus to cover up their failure to depopulate the globe. Boris must act and kill the nonsense of the lockdown. Even strong people are showing signs of cracking up believing all the crap on the TV and trusting Hancock’s evil lies. Dolan would do better to back the English Democrats’ case being brought by Robin Tilbrook. See below. Just one well funded case would be better than dozens of individual efforts.

  2. archer says:

    Tap, I’m sorry to say that I think you’re deluded to think that Boris is a good guy and against this lockdown – his hands are as dirty as the rest of the criminals subjecting us this oppression.

    I do agree that one focused effort to challenge the lockdown would be better than many small ones.

    • Tapestry says:

      There are levels of evil. Trump versus Clinton. Take Trump. Johnson versus Hunt. Take Johnson. We have only politicians to take the decisions we need. If there were another way, believe me. I would take it. Asking for spiritual help is effective. It’s just that in the physical realm the channels are limited. Court cases might help. Political campaigns. Writing in media. But ultimately we need a Prime Minister to get us off the totalitarian hook. If we’re giving up now, then let’s decide we have no value at all. I would not agree with that assessment. Humanity has a huge role to play in the balance between good and evil, in life and beyond. We have to play all cards in our hand. What cards do you have, Archer? Jon Rappoport points out that we have to stop thinking as groups and change into becoming individuals in our thought. Politicians are a group but they are not all exactly the same. Hope is the wrong word but closing down options is not a great strategy at any time either. Boris was being pencilled in as the new Churchill. He was possibly close to being wiped out recently by a deliberate act. It’s not a certainty but it is a possibility. He nearly became the new Neville Chamberlain. If he is to become a Churchill, he will have to maintain a front of respectability which can be dented by exposure. Our job is to try to keep people informed, and make it harder for our assailants to hurt us. The sheeple will never get it, as Simon Parkes says. But there is a 10% or 5% that can act independently and who could find moments where we can gain advantage towards survival. We still need a Prime Minister to make the decisions regardless of what approach we take. If people would mobilise behind the English Democrats and join forces in their court case instead of going solo that would help. How come Dolan gets wall to wall media but Tilbrook gets none? Tilbrook is the man they fear. Support him is a strategy that suggests itself. A fast growing political party would help to disempower the Tories as UKIP once did, now wrecked by infiltration. Farage had media all the way. As I say, Tilbrook gets none. Back him.

      • archer says:

        An interesting point of view, thanks for the reply Tap.

        I agree that asking for spiritual help is effective. What’s also interesting is that you mentioned giving up – I do feel that we’re somewhat helpless as the majority are with the official narrative. Anytime I try and present an alternative view to friends and colleagues, it’s clear that they are incapable of rational thought – that’s all that I would ask of anyone, to think rationally about what’s going on around us. The mass media are incredibly effective.
        Perseverance and patience are probably two things needed by us in these times.

        Do you happen to have the link to Simon Dolan’s crowdfunding page? There are no links to it in any of the news articles about his campaign (unsurprisingly).

  3. Tapestry says:

    search ‘crowd funding’ and it’s on page one, not too hard to find.

    Shame he lives in Monaco, and is strongly associated with making a quick buck. No doubt a fine upstanding person with ability, but he has the wrong image with red car, well cut suit and wide smile. Robin Tilbrook has a more holistic approach to moral issues, and a political party behind him, a position on many other issues. Take both if we have to, but I’d prefer less ego, and more concentration of financial fire. How many others might fancy a bit of personal publicity? He looks just like the spiv and spun MPs in Westminster. Back Robin Tilbrook in preference. He needs funding too and will deliver a more profound challenge to the government if he gets support. It would worry the Tories more if votes started leeching to another party.

  4. archer says:

    Thanks Tap, I found it on his Twitter page, shortly after my last message here.

    I’m sure Dolan will get slaughtered in the media for his image and being a non-Dom, multimillionaire etc but in this situation, I don’t think there’s any such thing as bad publicity. He may even strike a chord with millennials.

    Tilbrook is no doubt a sound choice for a robust challenge; trouble is, he gets zero airtime. I had never heard of him before your plugs for the ED here.

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