Scamdemic debunked.

Vitamin D vital in defeating spread of COVID-19.  Why don’t governments mention that?

Letter from Weaver to Daniel Kawcynski MP Shrewsbury

I would like to bring to your attention a video featuring Professor Dolores Cahill, molecular geneticist and science advisor.  This video is the most measured and honest account of anything that I have listened to since the outbreak of Covid-19.

As our government, you should be taking responsibility for our health and I do not believe that is the case currently.  From the beginning of this current debacle, we were misled by inaccurate data which has since been criticized by experts.  Our immune systems did not just switch off the minute that Covid-19 was announced.  Quite the contrary if we had been advised to take vitamins C, D, and zinc and hydroxychloroquine had been used in patients we could have saved more lives.  Hydroxychloroquine has been voted the best form of treatment by doctors this knowledge was out there for everyone to see. Ventilators were overused as symptoms of hypoxia have been described by doctors and oxygen should be used, therefore ventilators are speeding up death.  Elderly people were sent from hospitals into care homes where they were left to die.

We seem to be on a path of disaster introducing measures that have never been used before not even during World war I and II.  Event 201 which went ahead last October 2019 implemented a plan for a pandemic that we seem to be following.  I would like to know why this hysteria has gripped the nation and who is feeding it.  The MSM is giving out false daily death numbers I have checked on the Office for National Statistics and can see for myself.  More deaths are happening as a result of the lockdown as patients who have cancer and heart disease are not being seen.  Suicides are up domestic violence and a whole lot of misery for people who have lost their jobs.  Hospitals are empty, the Nightingale hospitals have been closed.  If this was about allowing our NHS to cope then that has been achieved.  However, if this was about protecting lives why were airports not closed off initially to people entering from China?

I have observed that of the 32 out of the 34 people advising the government on how to proceed with this outbreak they have had funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Bill Gates also was involved in Event 201, the WHO who told us that there was a pandemic, is also funded by Bill Gates,  the Wuhan laboratory where President Trump believes the virus to have started from has had funding from Bill Gates, the test (which does not work), and the potential harmful vaccine that will not work is funded by Bill Gates.  This cannot be right to have such a huge financial conflict of interest when it comes to people’s health.

Despite all of the censorship on the internet now under the instruction of the World Health Organisation and others, the general public is still able to obtain information on what is going on.  I am afraid that the growing feeling amongst all of our friends is that this has been mismanaged and there is a very sinister side of this lockdown.  No one will accept medical ID passports in order to proceed with there lives and have their data taken without approval.  No one will accept mandatory vaccinations that are evidentially damaging health and causing autism in children.  I urge you to invite Professor Dolores Cahill, Molecular Geneticist, and Science Advisor to speak with the Government and to stop this nonsense before it ruins our country for the next generation.

Kind regards,