Proposed Bogey virus door to door test and trace in US

Ok so this is currently a US proposal. Check out the number. What next. You can’t move for flags where I live, due to obedient folks celebrating VE day as ordered to do. like wise clapping like seals every Thursday. They’ll be lining up at the trot for Gates’s  guaranteed Georgia Guide stone eugenics, goy cockroach killer.


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  1. Derek says:

    Don’t confuse a respectful act of voluntary remembrance with the performing seals associated with the NHS. No one forced me into stringing up some Union Jack bunting in our garden which will be seen by us alone. No one will be making me clap, or vaccinating me against my will, nor will they be tracking me.

    • ian says:

      If you or your family have military connections, or decide to carry out remembrance activities Derek, it’s your call. What I object to, is it being government orchestrated, when in reality, they couldn’t care two hoots about us or the army. The local authorities were supplying flags round here. How many of those flying them know the real facts of the war, as opposed to the British propaganda version. How many know that Britain started bombing civilian targets in Germany, before they returned the favour, or know about the Rhine meadow death camps where 5,000,000 German POWs were renamed, disarmed enemy combatants, to remove them from the Geneva convention rights, and then left to die of starvation and exposure. What about Dresden and Cologne. If I remember, it is to make me try my best to see that the bastards never get away with it again.
      Nothing personal Derek, and I know that those participating were acting with the best intentions. Kindest regards to you and your family. It is just my personal opinion.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I asked our friends displaying 1953 original bunting (Coronation) where is the German flag. They looked a little incredulous. War is like a game of football with the British the winners, not the baddies. After spending many years working with German suppliers and spending time with them, it is clear to me they are a very good people, and the only reason we ended up fighting and killing each other was the orchestration of events by powerful elites working in secret. Whenever you meet human beings you were told were your enemies, it is always a surprise how nice and reasonable they are. Never trust the media.

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