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1962 ‘Life in 2022’ Image Depicted Everyone Trapped in Pods

Not far off?

A depiction of life in 2022 by an Italian magazine first published in 1962 depicted pedestrians using motorized pods instead of walking, something that may turn out to be quite accurate given current fears over coronavirus.

The image was drawn by Walter Molino, an Italian comics artist and illustrator. It featured on the front page of a 1962 edition of La Domenica del Corriere, an Italian weekly newspaper which ran from 1899 to 1989.

The cartoon shows individuals navigating the sidewalk from within the confines of their own personal pod.


While the depiction was probably more of a pedestrian travel-related prediction, it meshes quite eerily with current fears over coronavirus, which has led to suggestions that the “new normal” must incorporate a similar pod-based lifestyle to protect against the virus, because apparently immune systems don’t function anymore.

As the video below shows, a restaurant in the Netherlands is trialing individual greenhouse-style pods where diners eat in “safety” as their waiter brings them their food on a long board while wearing a head visor and a mask.

What happens in summer when the glorified greenhouses reach near oven temperatures was not discussed in the video.

Proposals for people to be ensconced within their own pods for air travel, trips to the beach and other activities have also emerged in recent weeks.

Live in a pod, work in a pod, socialize in a pod, travel in a pod!

Source: https://summit.news/2020/05/13/1962-life-in-2022-image-depicted-everyone-trapped-in-pods/


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