Philippines President sees no Coronavirus pandemic, but still says he wants a vaccine.

President Duterte just met the Senate on GMA TV to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic.  He started off by giving the Filipino statistics for the disease.

‘We have had 14,000 cases,’ he said.  ‘Of these 3,000 recovered.  So far 5 people died.’

‘Now,’ he asked, ‘Which wave are we in?  Wave 1.  Wave 2.  Wave 3?  Or no wave at all?!!’

He closed down ABS-CBN in the Philippines in the first week of May 2020.  They always opposed him.  He refused to regrant their licence.  Now he’s laughing at the world’s fake news media.

However unfortunately he is still talking about having a vaccine for the Philippines before the kids are allowed to return to school.  They’ve been locked down at home since March.  How long does he expect them to go to rot?  Six months?  Hopefully he’ll relent before the time comes.

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