Open Letter to America

As you sit in your home under unlawful house arrest, I want you to know that the Constitution for the United States of America was intended by its Framers to limit the powers of the government and to protect the “Unalienable Rights” of every American. Unalienable Rights do not come to us from any government. They come to us from our Creator who etched them, as with a sunbeam, into the Laws of Nature itself.
Therefore, our right to peacefully assemble; our right to practice and exercise our religion; our right to keep and bear arms, our right to speak freely, and our right to be secure against arrest (i.e., home detention) without probable cause that we have committed a crime, as well as many other such rights are unalienable, which means they cannot be lawfully separated from us under any circumstances, because they are ours forever. Why? Because they are Natural Rights, which the Framers recognized predate any form of government that has ever existed on Earth.
Sure. The despotic tyrants who currently rule over our society can make specious laws and bark specious orders at us stop working and lock ourselves in our homes, but such laws and orders are repugnant to the Constitution, and therefore void.
Under the guise of a spurious “National Emergency,” which was declared over yet another offensive man-made Chinese virus coming out of the Level-4 biological weapons laboratory in Wuhan; one that U.S. officials publicly admit will likely kill fewer people (less than 80,000 Americans) than the Seasonal Flu did during the 2018-2019 season, and after a long, incremental process of stealth, infiltration, and sabotage of our society by Leftist, New World Order change agents, our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are now being openly separated from us. What we are passively witnessing now is a naked coup détat over the established political order and the intentional destruction of our nation’s economy by the Communist Chinese and their Globalist collaborators here in the United States.
Lets not forget that Communist China is the mortal enemy of America, and that their leaders have openly threatened to use biological weapons against us in order to “clean-up” our country and make way for their colonization. We should also not forget that that CoVid-19 isn’t the first biological weapon that they have cooked up there at their Level-4 lab in Wuhan. That same lab also gave us the Bird Flu, SARS1, Swine Flu, H1N1 and many more viruses which have caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans, perhaps millions. In fact, every major pandemic that has come to America over the course of the past 40 years was Made in China.
The Chinese also unlawfully ship enough Fentanyl into our country to kill each year to kill every single person in our country more than 1,000 times over. In fact, Fentanyl has already killed over one million Americans so far who bought it from dealers on the streets. The Fentanyl crisis has become worse than the Heroin and Methamphetamine problem combined.
The Communist Chinese, like the USSR before them, have had millions of collaborators here in the United States who have been working hard to promote the ideologies of International Socialism within our society. In fact, over the course of the past 100 years, these “Progressives, “Liberals,” “Globalists,” “Democrats,” or whatever euphemistic label Commies like to hide behind these days, have managed to infiltrate and hijack our federal, state, and local governments, our public schools, our mainstream media organizations, and our entertainment industries, turning them into Leftist tools of propaganda and social control. Over the course of the last 30 years, the Chinese have also bought up control of six of the eight largest production studios in Hollywood.
Since the Coup of 1963 that was the assassination of Pesident John F. Kennedy, the Leftists have managed to invert our society, and transform it from what was one of the most homogenous, prosperous, and morally virtuous nations on Earth into what you see today.
There are even many Republicans, who call themselves “Conservatives,” but they openly support global governance and technocratic control over the masses, just like the Communist Chinese do. These illegitimate interlopers in the Conservative Movement are known as “Neo-conservatives” or “Neo-cons.” While their ideologies are popularly thought of as being Fascist in nature rather than Communist, differentiating between Communism and Fascism is like splitting a very thin hair. For the most part, Neo-cons are politicians who left the Democratic Party during the Reagan Era, but didn’t leave their Leftist ideologies behind when they joined the Republican Party.
Not only are Neo-cons big government Leftists, they’re Zionists who, just like almost every member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, worships at the feet of AIPAC, which is the largest and most powerful lobbyist group in Washington D.C., by regularly placing the interests of Israel before the national interests of our country and its citizens, which have never been one and the same.
I am not the first man to use the term “New World Order.” It’s a term that is regularly used by Globalists. In the words of President George HW Bush, “it’s a big idea.” It something that’s been talked about among elite and academic circles for well over a hundred years now. Entire books have been devoted to the subject. Bush publicly said those three words exactly 1,000 times during his presidency. Maybe that was the “thousand points of light” he was referring to so often. He, probably more than any other U.S. President was devoted to the idea of a global, technocratic control over the lives of Americans. However, those three words have also been spoken warmly of by many other presidents as well, including Carter, Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama. What’s my point? Well, I just guess I want to emphasis that Globalism is a bi-partisan thing, not just a Democrat thing.
Both Communism and Fascism are “Collectivist” systems which are anathema to the kind of Individual Liberties and Individual Rights which are secured by our Constitution. Let’s not forget that the Nazis self-identified as National Socialists, hence the word “Nazi,” however the rest of the world called them and their allies in Italy what they actually were–Fascists. Why? Because when you take an honest look at any of the Socialist societies of history, you don’t find genuine, Marxist-style Socialism at work. What you find are Fascist systems pretending to be Socialist; systems of governance pretending to be Marxist. The same analysis applies to the so-called “Communist” system that we see in China today. It’s a Fascist system, but one with global ambitions.
The Chinese are, in fact, Globalists. They have to be, because there are almost 2 billion people living in China, and as their leaders openly admit, their very survival depends on their ability to expand beyond their current borders, and colonize other nations. They simply don’t have enough natural resources to sustain so many people. So, they have long had their crosshairs focused on countries like America, Canada, and Australia, all of which have plenty of what they need most for mass colonization–vast amounts of land and resources. I think the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (the “CCP”) sums it up best in a speech that he gave to China’s top military leaders, when he said “We the descendants of the Chinese nation are entitled to the possession of that land! It is historical destiny that China and United States will come into unavoidable confrontation on a narrow path towards a fight. In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle…”
Meanwhile, as the American public grows increasingly aware of the subversive, un-American activities of those among us who have allied themselves with China and their the Globalist, New World Order agenda, these traitors are working feverishly to ratchet-up control over the American people. They will stop at nothing in order to build their technocratic, one-world government upon the ashes of our American System. Not only are they openly subverting our Constitution and our Natural Rights as human beings, they are also systematically undermining the Sovereignty, Tranquilty, and Independence of our Nation at every opportunity they can find to do so.
It’s all a giant fraud!
Nothing supersedes the Constitution and the Sovereign Political Order it establishes for our Nation.
As with any written document, the Constitution means what it meant by the people who wrote it, when they wrote it. It is the Supreme Law of The Land, and cannot lawfully be changed, abrogated, or superseded except by ratification of an Article of Amendment which has been lawfully adopted by three-fourths of the states legislatures, in accordance with the provisions set out in Article V of the Constitution. Any law, any regulation, any order, any treaty, any agreement, or any judicial ruling which would otherwise presume to prejudice individual rights or liberty interests which are secured or granted by the Constitution, or which would surrender or transfer powers that are delegated by the Constitution, should rightly be considered an usurpation; an instrument of fraud, and summarily ignored by every American as an illegitimate dictate of an illegitimate government.
Since the federal government has no lawful authority to act outside the “enumerated powers” set out for it in the Constitution, even during a so-called “National Emergency,” whenever it does so, it acts unlawfully; without the consent of the American people. It acts as an occupational government. When the federal government no longer appears to be bound by the Constitution, then it’s no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people; it’s something else; something different; something which is extremely dangerous to every American, as well as perhaps to every human being living on this planet.
As far as the Law is concerned, any government employee who has taken the Oath of Office, and who attempts to enact, implement, enforce, or prosecute laws which are clearly aimed at, or which have the effect of, subverting the Constitution (the very foundation of our Nation), that person is not only guilty of violating their sacred Oath of Fealty to the Constitution, which automatically makes him or her unfit for public service, that person is also subject to prosecution for a wide range of crimes, including, but not limited to, perjury of oath and/or the crime of subversion.
We don’t need to wait around for the Supreme Court to tell us as they did in the landmark case, Marbury v. Madison (5 U.S. 137), and scores of others since then that any “law that is repugnant to the Constitution is void.” We don’t even need them to reassure us, as they repeatedly have, that the government is “bound” by the Constitution. We already know this as well, which is why non-compliance with unconstitutional laws, especially those which are aimed at disarming the people, has now become the solemn duty of every loyal American.
What is the militia? It is We The People.
Every free American must have the right to keep and bear arms, because as the Constitution reminds us, it’s “necessary to the security of a free State.” That reminder, which is set out in the prefatory clause of the Second Amendment, explains why there’s an operative clause prohibiting any interference with that pre-existing “right of the people.” The Framers fully understood the lessons of history, and recognized from their own experience, that our Natural Right to keep and bear arms, in defense of ourselves, our families, and our “free State,” was the one right which would ultimately serve the American people as the guardian of all others.
History teaches us that every evil tyrant who has ever left the filthy imprint of his boot upon the face of humanity had to promulgate laws which were aimed at disarming the people of his country. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Mao did it, and many others. Why? Because they all understood that it’s impossible to enslave a well-armed population that’s resolved to protect its freedoms.
Let’s not forget that, during the 20th Century alone, over 262 million people were murdered in bloody, left-wing political purges. Not soldiers, mind you, but millions of innocent civilians; men, women, and children whose only crime was not marching in lockstep with some despotic tyrant’s warped ideologies. Perhaps as many as 100 million of those people were murdered in China alone by the Chinese Communist Party. Democide (death by one’s own government), in fact, has been the leading is the all-time leading cause of death in human history.
What we Americans ought to be talking more about these days is the need to launch criminal investigations into the subversive and un-American activities which have been going on within the government and other venues of misplaced power, not only during this engineered CoVid-19 PLANdemic, but for over a century now. Until that day comes, and it will, the Several States and our Nation’s local governments, which have not already been compromised, must stand-up to their crazy uncle by nullifying any and all unconstitutional laws or edicts which percolate out of the District of Columbia, for it is both the Right and the Duty of our state and local governments to secure the rights of its citizens whenever the federal government no longer appears to be bound by the Constitution and by the Principles of Liberty it embodies.
Any argument that federal laws supercede state or local laws or edicts which are aimed at nullifying unconstitutional federal laws is completely anorexic, since unconstitutional laws, by definition, were not made “in pursuance of” the Constitution to begin with, which is what application of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution requires before any federal law can claim superiority.
While “legal fraud” has become commonplace in America, “lawful fraud” is an impossibility. Just because something has become “the law,” and is now “legal” for the government to do, or “illegal” for an individual to do, doesn’t make it “lawful” or “just,” which is a higher standard; one which a system like ours; one that’s based upon the Constitution and its promise of liberty and justice for all, demands. That’s why no law or government regulation can ever be considered “lawful” or “just” if it is, in fact, repugnant to the Constitution, or inimical to justice itself.
Let me remind those of you out there in uniform, who would dare enforce unconstitutional laws, or who would carry out other types of unlawful orders, in direct violation of your Sacred Oath to defend the Constitution, that “I didn’t have a choice” and “I was just following orders” were among the two most popular defenses offered by the Nazis (National Socialist Worker’s Party members) at the Nuremberg Trials before many of them were summarily hung. Let’s not forget everything we have been taught that Hitler did in Germany was “perfectly legal” under German Law, which is what I’m sure every one of those defendants confidently assured anyone who would listen to them just before he swung from the gallows at the Palace of Justice.
Even if you’re not in uniform, if you took an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and it can be proved that you aided and abetted the radical, Globalist traitors who have seized control of our Nation, you too might find yourself standing on a trap door when something like a Nuremberg II is convened. For not only have crimes of treason against the people of America been committed at the highest levels of government, business, and finance, actual crimes against humanity have been committed by many of these criminals, and all under the Color of Law.
To those of you who are still living in denial about what’s happening in America, or who just want to “go along to get along” with this coup détat that we’ve been witnessing; to all of the sheeple who don’t have enough courage to draw your own, personal Line of Freedom in the sand, I want you to know one thing: those who passively accept and cooperate with evil are every bit as much to blame for its continued existence as those who actually perpetrate that evil. So, go right ahead. Crouch down and kiss the heavy hand of totalitarianism that patting your head right now. History proves that it will one day crush you.
To those of you who see what I see, and who feel as I feel, I invite you to stand with me and millions of others like us; patriotic Americans who believe in the founding principles of this Nation and the vision of its Fathers; people who are willing to risk their honor, their fortunes, and their very lives if necessary to secure the Blessings of Liberty that were promised to us, their “Posterity,” in our Nation’s Constitution. Together, we can defeat these tyrants; bring the traitors to justice; and put our country back on the path of Freedom and Independence that was laid for us so long ago. All we have to do is let the Globalists hear us say “NO!” for a Change, and let them hear us say it loudly, both in our words and our deeds, as we trust the consequences to God.