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New UK Report Suggests Quarantine May Have Already Killed More Seniors Than The Coronavirus

Published 2 weeks ago on May 19, 2020
By Arjun Walia

In Brief
The Facts: A new article published in the British Medical Journal has suggested that quarantine measures in the United Kingdom as a result of the new coronavirus may have already killed more UK seniors than the coronavirus has during the peak of the virus.
Reflect On: Was lockdown really the right thing to do? Why have so many doctors and scientists, from the beginning, saying that it’s not the right thing to do been completely censored and banned by social media platforms? What’s going on here?
A new report published in the British Medical Journal titled Covid-19: “Staggering number” of extra deaths in community is not explained by covid-19″ has suggested that quarantine measures in the United Kingdom as a result of the new coronavirus may have already killed more UK seniors than the coronavirus has during the months of April and May . According to the data, Covid-19 only accounts for 10,000 of the 30,000 excess deaths that have been recorded in senior care facilities during the height of the pandemic. The article suggests and also quotes British Health officials stating that these unexplained deaths may have occurred because Quarantine measures have prevented seniors from accessing the health care that they need.

The report was written by Shaun Griffin, a PhD in DNA repair from UCL. He has worked in communications and public affairs roles for 20 years at Wellcome, UK Biobank, Human Tissue Authority and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. He is currently at the Association of Medical Research Charities and is vice chair of a research ethics committee.

According to him,
David Spiegelhalter, chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication at the University of Cambridge, said that covid-19 did not explain the high number of deaths taking place in the community. At a briefing hosted by the Science Media Centre on 12 May he explained that, over the past five weeks, care homes and other community settings had had to deal with a “staggering burden” of 30 000 more deaths than would normally be expected, as patients were moved out of hospitals that were anticipating high demand for beds.
Of those 30 000, only 10 000 have had covid-19 specified on the death certificate. While Spiegelhalter acknowledged that some of these “excess deaths” might be the result of underdiagnosis, “the huge number of unexplained extra deaths in homes and care homes is extraordinary. When we look back . . . this rise in non-covid extra deaths outside the hospital is something I hope will be given really severe attention.”

He added that many of these deaths would be among people “who may well have lived longer if they had managed to get to hospital.

David Leon, professor of epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, agreed. “Some of these deaths may not have occurred if people had got to hospital,” he said. “How many is unclear. This issue needs urgent attention, and steps taken to ensure that those who would benefit from hospital treatment and care for other conditions can get it.”
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The report also mentions that in Scotland, in the first week after lockdown, a spike in deaths were recorded from all causes.
Many of the world’s leading scientists and epidemiologists in this field have called out quarantine, stating that it’s been a disaster.
Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, PhD, ScD, who headed the Department Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design at Rockefeller University in New York for 20 years recently explained his belief that quarantine has probably killed more seniors due to the fact that lockdown has prevented herd immunity. According to him, the population should have not been locked down so herd immunity would be created while we should have just quarantined seniors and other vulnerable people. According to him, and many others in the field, quarantining for this respiratory virus makes absolutely no sense, and we don’t do it for other more infectious and deadly respiratory viruses that have been circling the globe for decades. You can read more about that and watch an interview with him, here. He is just one of many examples.
Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care explain why they believe quarantine measures for COVID-19 make no sense to them. Their video went viral and was banned by social media platforms. If you’re interested in watching that you can access a link, here.
It’s also important to mention that a lot of information has surfaced from around the world suggesting that deaths that have been attributed to the new coronavirus have not actually been a result of the coronavirus. As a result, the “official” numbers that we’re seeing could be greatly inflated. For example, not long ago Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health stated that, even if it’s clear one died of an alternative cause, their death will still be marked as a COVID death. She explained that this is how coronavirus deaths were being calculated and was quite clear about it.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced a change to how it tallies coronavirus deaths amid complaints that it inflated numbers. This has been a common theme throughout the US as well as the World.
You can see more examples in the articles listed below.
Ask yourself, why have many of the world’s leading scientists and epidemiologists who have been studying viruses and outbreaks for decades been censored, yet people like Bill Gates have become the major health authority with regards to what humanity should do? Why are social media platforms censoring and deleting information that contradicts the World Health Organization? Should people not have the right to examine sources, evidence and information openly and freely and decide for themselves what they choose to believe? Why is there a digital authoritarian Orwellian “fact-checker” going around the internet telling people what is, and what isn’t?
Today, we must ask ourselves, are the measures that governments force us into always in our best interests? Should we simply do what our federal health regulatory agencies tell us to do, without question? And again, why do they always censor, ban and ridicule narratives that go against what they suggest? It seems that there is a battle to control the consciousness of the masses, instead of letting us think for ourselves. It also seems that as time goes by, those who wish to control our perception of major global events for ulterior motives and agendas are having a more difficult time doing so. We are waking up.