Monetary Madness for Virus Hoax

12 May, by Peter B. Meyer

Humans being considered Cattle

Fake money destroys the economy, but boosts stock prices and Corona hype

Inflationary Phase is coming soon!

Trillions worth of stimulus is the Grandest wealth theft from the public

Precious Metals Update

Corona Quarantine is our first step into the New World Prison

Fake money and central control will destroy the economy, but they can still boost stock prices, and keep people unnecessary Corona Virus quarantined. It’s a virus with a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a PR firm. It has gotten more press coverage and more views, than any ailment ever visited the human race on planet Earth. If this virus were a stock, it would be overexposed, overpriced, and overhyped. Different countries use different strategies to fight the ‘fake’ invasion. Brazil, Nicaragua and Sweden haven’t implied any quarantine rules and don’t have more, even less infected people or none at all. And, there are 34 countries on the planet that have not registered a single Covid-19 case.

There are even more non-lockdown countries, which are Iceland, Belarus, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Most have followed Sweden where early on a professor declared “reinfection with Covid-19 is a myth”; An Icelandic doctor has said; “the virus had arrived already in December last year”. Remarkably, their results have been as good or even better than in the lockdown countries. Yet, without having to endure socio-economic chaos that other countries are experiencing. Pay attention: These countries, have already won the virus debate scientifically and convicted the implemented course of actions. The coronavirus is real, but not as severe as was planned by the Deep State, since the patriots secretly in advance had changed the toxicity formula into a mild virus.

The response to the coronavirus is without doubt overhyped. In time, this hype will be revealed as politically swindle. In fact, the Corona Virus hysteria will go down as one of world’s political biggest, shamefully overblown, overhyped, overinflated and outright deceptive health hoax in human history.

Is a lockdown necessary? Does it do more harm than good? Or does it merely provide an excuse for doing things that Deep State controlled governments wanted to do anyway? – Priming people for their first phase into the prison of the New World Order? It seems likely to be the case. The Corona pandemic is a fraud using inaccurate death statistics to push mandatory vaccination and poisonous micro chipped injection in every human being on Earth.

The likely death rate is less than 0.002% of the world population, and not the 6.9% as widely is published in the media. In other words; the C-virus is a nasty bug, with a particular grudge against people who are in bad shape and have a weak immune system, causing worldwide 30.000 registered death. Is that a good reason to lock down the whole economy and prevent young, healthy people from going about their lives? Most likely not. But while the shutdown could be an honest mistake, which it isn’t, as, now turns-out that this has been thoroughly planned in advance. It is known that the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony Predicted this Pandemic.

Faced with the clear-headed thinkers on one side, and the corrupt media on the other, people might have been tempted to accept a lock down of the nation, too. But as far is investigated, the virus policy of governments has been an honest mistake; certainly there would have been a better approach. So, based on what is known by now, it appears that the “experts” have made a terrible blunder. As, the virus only targets a very narrow segment of the population; the old, the fat, the diabetic and those with heart/lung conditions. But that’s not a reason to shut down everybody else.

If young people were allowed to go to work, and children go to school, no one is going to die from the virus, when they return home. As, another report undermines the case for a universal lockdown. Here is Bloomberg:

Children contract the coronavirus less often and with less severity than the general population, and there doesn’t appear to be cases of a child passing Covid-19 to an adult, according to a new report.

Besides the financial losses in the trillions worldwide, God may know what personal suffering a lockdown causes; bankruptcy, job loss, homelessness, loneliness, spouse beating and irritation, depression, suicide, etc.

Although, those of us most at risk number only about one out of 20. So, rather than shut down the entire economy, a better course of action would have been just to shut down the elderly. If they should focus on the most vulnerable people, especially in nursing homes, making sure they are properly isolated and protected while the rest of the population goes about its business and acquires its “sheeple immunity,” would have been a wiser act.

Humans being considered Cattle

All people are slaves, they own you and you are in it. Under the ancient Babylonian Religious Codes, “Slavery” is clearly facilitated. People were not recognised as human beings thereunder, but are mere items of Commerce, like cattle. Slaves could be arrested and assaulted on by government officers for not following the rules or showing up for work on time, as is happening nowadays with the excessive number of penalties for Corona compliance.

The text-books say; “The slave is not regarded or spoken of as a human being, but as a thing, and is reckoned with, in the same way as cattle.” And that are we the people locked down in our homes, under many useless restrictions and lots of penalties in the range of hundreds of euro’s each. In the first 40 days, the police in Spain have issued 750.000 penalties on average 200 – 400€ each. Just, to keep the money flowing for the government.

The fake money-printing has geared up. Because the Virus-enemy is approaching! Pulling out all the ammunition they can get their hands on! In the hysteria, Central Banks have added more trillions in the last two weeks, than in all the previous year combined. And now they are printing at a rate of hundreds of billion per day. The so called, necessary government “bailouts” are a crime. It is the grandest theft in human history. Sooner or later, that money will begin to light up the Score Boards for shares and real estate. Although, governments can raise prices through inflation, but they cannot raise values. Stocks will rise, but the real value of the companies themselves will likely fall.

The Central Banks control the printing press. With it they can drive up prices for just about everything, except for one thing: the currency itself. As prices rise for goods, services, and assets, it means the purchasing power of each currency unit is going down. The US-dollar and the Euro will be the gaskets that blows, to releasing the pressure from trillions of currencies’ worth of fake money. Before, that happens, the most obvious investment you can own is still gold which rises as currencies fall.

Fake money destroys the economy, but boosts stock prices and Corona hype.

The modern “magic” of creating money out of thin air had its roots in the ancient city of Babylon, some 600 years BC. While about 1000 BC, it was discovered that control over a fraudulent money supply not only gave them control over the assets of the people, but in a very real way, control over the government of the people. They learned to make money over the backs of the people with the sanction of their own elected government. Sounds familiar even today, doesn’t it?

Frequent FWC-readers will not believe that a small group of technocrats in the central banks can do a better job of setting interest rates than millions of borrowers and lenders in the free market, or that real wealth can be “replaced” with fake money.

The cabal obtained their control through a process of easy money/tight money cycles. By making money easy to borrow, the amount of money in circulation is increased. When the money changers were satisfied that enough suckers had taken the bait, the trap was sprung.

Since the lockdown was announced on March 19, the monetary base has increased about 20%, by the Rothschild central banks all over the world, making a mess of the economy. They are printing money in the Trillions, as the tax revenues are stopped by the corona virus quarantine, while there is no one to borrow from, because no one will lend them money. For the simple reason that nobody has got that kind of money. And if they had it, they wouldn’t be fool enough to lend to someone on such a reckless spending binge.

The only possible source for so much financing is the Central Bank. And these have only one source and that is the “printing press.” In the end, they all are following Venezuela with soon to be seen inflation rates in the millions of percentage points.

Many of us above the age of 40 years have experienced inflation in one way or another and can remember when prices rose an average up to about 300% per year. That kind of inflation does to an economy approximately what the fake coronavirus does to us the people. Businesses shut down. They can’t make plans for future investments. They let workers go. People stay home. Their money loses value so fast, they try to get rid of it as soon as possible. This feeds even further price increases, and reduces production even further.

For example, typically in these circumstances governments propose price controls, that discourages the little output that was left. High taxes and capital restrictions drive away investors. As wars are meant to distract people from the financial mismanagement and to rally them behind the government: wasting the little wealth that still was left. Fake money and central control may destroy the economy, but can still boost stock market prices, and the Corona hype.

Interest rates are at 0%, which at the moment feels almost like a given and a normality. New stimulus packages are still being drawn up. And as unprecedented trillions of “fake money-” Band-Aids flood the economy in the form of central bank-printed currencies, dollars, yen, and euros, eventually, it takes no more money to buy the same amount of assets like gold and silver. As is read in an article on Zero hedge:

The central banks of the world are pumping unprecedented amounts of money into the financial system. It may not happen overnight, but over time, this will reduce the value of our paper currencies… especially relative to hard assets that central banks can’t print, like gold and silver.

Inflationary Phase is coming soon!

Both bonds and the currencies may be telling us that the switch from deflation to inflation is not far off. The bond market seems to have topped out. The central banks are going to do “whatever it takes” to keep stock and bond prices high – at least in nominal terms. They’ll buy bonds by the boatload to keep prices high. But like stocks in the ’70s, the ground will give way beneath them. The dollar – in which most bonds are quoted – will sink against almost everything else, particularly gold.

In times of crisis and thereafter, gold prices shoot higher after a brief “confusion period.” Recently this was happening in March. Gold was manipulated lower to a low of $1,500 per ounce. But nevertheless, again is the spot price of gold back to $1,700 per ounce. And insiders in the market firmly believe it will reach new highs at or above $3,000 in the very near future.

The bottom line is; owning at least some gold or precious metals is something everyone with savings should be a part of. Gold and silver have never been cooler.

Trillions worth of stimulus is the Grandest wealth theft from the public

Meanwhile governments are transferring trillions worth of wealth from the public to their friends, affiliates and cronies. And, be assured; No Corony is left behind. A report at Bloomberg tells that little of the bailout money actually goes to the firms that need it:

U.S. Loans Didn’t Flow to Businesses Most at Risk, as a study shows

Instead, it’s going to the industries with the best lawyers and lobbyists. And when that runs out, there’s plenty more where that can come from.

The shale oil industry, for example, was always a loser, supported largely by the Fed’s artificially low interest rates. Now, President Donald Trump pledges the public’s money to bail them out:

The Stimulus bill amounts to $2,200,000,000,000.00, divided over the population of 330 million is approx. US$ 6.000 per head. But instead every adult under a certain income will be given $1,200 each. So the big money goes where it always goes to the Elite. The Fed is funding the DC-Swamp Filler program. As it’s pumping trillions of dollars into the financial system directly, intended to boost stock and bond prices. Cronyism is still working.

There were all sorts of shenanigans that meant the fund ran out of money before the legitimate small businesses could even complete their applications. For example, big banks earned ten billion dollars in fees for processing the loans and here’s a list of big companies that played around with this system and drained it of millions.

Many, of the small businesses who need the money to survive haven’t gotten it yet and may never get it, but big banks and big businesses are sitting pretty with the help of their cronies in Congress. It isn’t a stretch of imagination to say that the longer a small business stays closed, paying their expenses and holding inventory while not being able to earn income, the less likely they are to reopen successfully (or at all) once the all-clear is given. And if they can’t reopen? All those folks they used to employ will be out of a job.

It must be clear; there is an urgent need for GESARA with the new monetary QFS system and GCR / RV to reboot the global people’s economy. Hopefully this will be realised soon.

Precious Metals Update

With this incomprehensible tsunami of government debt and paper money flooding the system, real assets are a historically great bet. As explained before: real assets are things that cannot be engineered long-term by politicians and central banks– assets like productive land, well-managed businesses, and of course precious metals. These tend to do very well when central banks print loads of money.

Farmland, for example, was one of the best performing assets during the stagflation of the 1970s.

Financial data over the past several decades show that whenever central banks print lots of money, the price of gold tends to increase. In fact, the price of gold is relatively cheap compared to the current money supply. While the price of silver is ridiculously low compared to gold. Factually, silver has never been cheaper in 5,000 years. This is why everyone with savings should own physical silver, as the price of this metal very likely is going to soar exponentially.

Stay tuned there is more to come