Miles Mathis says Corona laws are illegal.

This will be very brief. My state just started requiring face masks in public starting May 15. This
despite the fact we have one of the lowest (fake) rates of transmission and infection. All that means is
that our state government is deep in the pockets of the Phoenician Navy, but we already knew that.
Anyway, the word to the wise is that there are exemptions here, and there are probably exemptions in
your state or country. Here, two of the exemptions are for exercise and eating. So if you don’t feel like
making a scene and getting arrested on purpose, this makes it fantastically easy to walk around the law.
I just carry a bag of granola with me at all times, and if cops or other people who think they are
authorities are around I eat from it slowly. If you are hassled, you can also drop and do a few pushups
or jog in place. This law is basically unenforceable, but if they are hassling people in your area, these
are things you can do to push back while having fun.

Also, if you own a business, in most cases there is nothing in the law that says you have to act as
police, enforcing the laws. Yes, if the law concerns number of people allowed in your establishment,
you will probably be required to enforce that (though I advise you to break the law, since it is
unConstitutional. It is also now past the authority invested in state governors, since the executive can
only pass emergency measures for 30 days. After that, the laws require action by the legislature or by
the Feds). However, if the law is requiring face masks in public, it is not your job to enforce that. No
one is paying you extra to enforce extra laws, and you do not work in law enforcement. Some
prominent local businesses here are choosing to pushback on this. They are refusing to hire security to
police the front doors of their establishments, regarding face masks. This is the first meaningful
pushback I have seen from local businesses, so even if you don’t see yourself as a frontline
revolutionary, it may be something you can see yourself doing.

And finally, if you do get arrested, remember that most state governors have passed their authority to
order these things, so these “laws” have no legal standing. This is mainly a bluff, since no state
legislatures that I know have actually passed laws on this, or anything else to do with corona. If you
end up in court, not only will you win, but if you have a good attorney you can win some real money
for harassment, illegal arrest, mental distress, pain and suffering, and malice. But my guess is it will
never come to that, unless you really want it to. In all the arrests I have studied nationwide (the real
ones), charges have either never been pressed by the state, or they have been dropped within 24 hours.

Another Word to the Wise
by Miles Mathis
May 14, 2020