COVID vaccine ‘The Final Solution’

2020 05 01 Update – from Simon Parkes.

Matt Hancock must be held to account

Health secretary ‘looking seriously’ at compulsory vaccines for schoolchildren

Hancock owns vaccine maker. Why is he allowed to promote his business in media without people knowing?






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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Sorry to rain on the parade and quote from Reuters but beware the distraction…….

    These claims are false: the company in question is owned by the Department of Health and Social Care, not by the minister personally.

    The Facebook posts all make reference to the UK registry of companies, Companies House, and the information it carries for Porton Biopharma (here), a pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company based near Salisbury, Wilshire. The publicly available Companies House page for Porton Biopharma lists the Secretary Of State For Health as the holder of 75 percent or more of the shares in the company. Porton Biopharma confirmed to Reuters that 100 percent of assets in the company are held by the Department of Health and Social Care. The listing of ownership relates to the office and not to the individual who occupies the position. All dividends declared by Porton Biopharma are paid to Public Health England, the executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care.

    • Derek says:

      So – where does the buck stop? The legal person or company – or the flesh & blood individual? If the latter is the person in control of the legal entity, how does the legal entity respond or answer complaint? If the flesh & blood person accepts the ministerial position and stands to represent that entity, then Hancock carries the can.

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