Controlled opposition to lockdown could be dangerous

Officers from Nottinghamshire Police will be in attendance and will act if anyone decides to break the social distance guidelines.

One Wollaton West city councillor is encouraging people not to attend the event, which is planned for 12pm on Saturday, May 16.

Wollaton ParkWollaton Park (Image: Nottingham Post)

The Mass Gathering is organised by the UK Freedom Movement and will take place at Wollaton Park and the Forest Rec.

The leaflet, which has been posted across social media, is asking people to be part of ‘the largest mass gathering since lockdown.’

It states: “We say no to the coronavirus bill. No to mandatory vaccines. No to the new normal and no to the unlawful lockdown.”

Chief constable of Nottinghamshire Police, Craig Guildford said: “We are aware of the social media coverage which includes Southampton, London and Cardiff as well.

“We are planning, as a contingency, with our partners in the city council as we monitor the situation.

“Should any individual endanger the public by not obeying social distancing the police at the scene will be taking positive action to protect the public.”

Councillor Steve Battlemuch, representing Wollaton West, added: “The council are aware of it. We don’t particularly want to give a lot of publicity to the event.

“Everybody is concerned overall about the virus and the lockdown. People want to get back to a normal way of life but we are not in that situation at the moment.

“I would be surprised if many people turn up. We are not encouraging people to attend and to take their normal exercise as normal.

“I think this is a social media flyer rather than an event people will want to attend.”

TAP – Is this managed opposition?  Why are they talking about civil war?  What about legal and political moves?  English Democrats for example.  What about something simple first?  The emphasis seems to be on religion and war.  This is not the way to go in my opinion.  Lots of blood and gore being talked about.  Violence is the game of the cabal.  The fightback for people is passiveness, intelligence and individual spirituality.  What do you make of it all?  Fake front to lead a rebellion against the lockdown?   If Christianity is got rid of, the gulag comes next.  Is that where we are?  Always we are seen as part of huge groups, and never as individuals.  Just like the cabal likes us to be.  This is a holocaust believing pro-civil war agenda.  Interview lifted from UK Freedom website – the only video.   Take care, people.